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Post a video from XeomaSoftware channel on your website and get 1 Standard license for free

xeoma_software_youtube_channelDo you like to share useful content on your website, forum or blog? That means this special offer is for you!

You can easily get a Standard license for 1 camera or renewal of a Standard license for 2 cameras FREE of charge if you post the video about Xeoma on your web page.

Not a surprise that YouTube is one of the most popular platforms nowadays. Just imagine how attractive and diverse your website would be if you posted a useful and educational video from YouTube on it.

Start using your FREE Standard license for 1 camera right after the following steps:

1) Subscribe to our YouTube channel – XeomaSoftware.

2) Choose 1 or a couple of videos from our YouTube channel.

3) Click the Share icon.

4) Click Embed.

5) Copy the code.

6) Paste the code into your blog or a website.

7) Under the video attach the link to our website: https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/.

Once the terms are met, let us know by providing the active link to your website or blog. Our team will contact you shortly to congratulate you and present you with a brand new Xeoma Standard license for 1 camera.

September 25 2020

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