Sports tracking in Xeoma. Case study.

Xeoma contains various modules based on Artificial Intelligence and deep machine learning. One of these modules is “Sports tracking”. This feature is aimed to detect and automatically follow a sports ball or players in the camera’s field of view rotating a PTZ camera. This is especially highly-demanded in video broadcasts of team sports events.

Our customers installed PTZ camera and used “Sports tracking” module in order to stream basketball games to Youtube.

They installed the IP camera HikVision DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom). “Sports tracking” module is able to work with different PTZ cameras. The IP camera should control PTZ via ONVIF protocol. Also, the tracking system based on Xeoma requires a graphic card with hardware acceleration option (CUDA), for example, Nvidia GeForce 1060 and higher.

The IP camera in this case was mounted on a wall in the middle of the sports hall the way it could observe the whole basketball field when moving the camera.

Обнаружение и отслеживание спортивных мячей и игроков

“Sports tracking” module in Xeoma is developed to take all sports game aspects in consideration, so the camera is always pointed to see the main event in the camera’s field of view even if the sports ball is out the field.

The modules chain for testing in Xeoma looks the following way:

Sports ball tracking in Xeoma

Since archive recording is not required in this installation, there’s the “Preview” module being used in Xeoma. For the purpose of archive recording, you can use “Preview and archive” module in Xeoma.

If you need to stream to Youtube from Xeoma, then you can add “Streaming to Youtube” module to the chain.

As well as you can use other intellectual modules.

Brief summary of the installation:

– IP camera HikVision DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 with ONVIF PTZ
– server (computer where Xeoma is launched) on Windows 10 OS, 64-bit
– GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 graphic card
– sports tracking: basketball
– games are conducted during the daytime under artificial lighting

CPU load while using “Sports tracking” module in the above-mentioned conditions using hardware acceleration on the graphic card (CUDA) is around 20%.

“Sports tracking” module’s work example can be checked in this video:

February, 18 2022

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