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Special offer: Write a unique article for us and get Xeoma license in reward

Video surveillance is a fast-growing industry. Every day, if not every minute, new cameras, technologies and innovation are discovered. We love to keep you updated with the CCTV news, but we also love to learn news from you!

Please share your knowledge with us and get a great bonus.

Write and send us a unique article on any topic in the video surveillance area*. Your article will be published in our blog.

*Article has to comply with the following requirements:

1. You must be the sole author of the article. Partial or complete plagiarism is not accepted, as well as translation of someone else’s article from another language.
2. The article should have no less than 500 words.
3. The article should be on the subject of video surveillance that isn’t yet covered by articles in our blog.

Write the article that complies with those requirements and send it to us, and you will get a 4-cameras Xeoma Standard license (or Xeoma Pro for 1 camera) in reward!

By submitting your article to us you accept the obligation to not publish the article on other sites, blogs, social media or similar platforms.
Please note that we reserve the right to reject an article that doesn’t comply with the requirements or is otherwise considered inappropriate, in which case the reward will not be sent.
By submitting your article to us you give us your permission to publish it on our blog. We also reserve the right to edit your article or publish our own article on the same subject as yours.

Do you have questions about the special offer? Feel free to ask!

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