Downloading Ffmpeg and source files from Xeoma site

Ffmpeg is a command line tool to transcode multimedia files between formats. It is a complete, cross-platform solution to convert one video file format to another. Some also name ffmpeg the “hyper fast video and audio encoder”.
ffmpeg is free software that has been developed by the ffmpeg team. You can download it from our site.

Pressing the “Download” button you agree to be bound by the terms of GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GNU LGPL).


For Windows For Mac For Linux
Download free ffmpeg converter Xeoma for Windows Download free ffmpeg converter Xeoma for Mac OS X Download free ffmpeg converter Xeoma for Linux

Attention: copy the file to the directory where your Xeoma is installed, into the Additional subfolder.


Alternatively you can download source files for modifications and setting up more precise configuration:

Download source files for ffmpeg converter Xeoma


You can also download ffserver from our site.


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