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Xeoma Starter: is it possible to add 2 more cameras to starter license?

Q: Is it possible to add 2 more cameras to starter license?

A: It depends on what these cameras are supposed to do.
Xeoma Starter supports unlimited number of cameras for live view – so if the new 2 cameras are supposed to do just that, you can add them. (Please mind your computer capacity while you do that for while Xeoma doesn’t have a limit on number of cameras, your machine certainly does a performance cap).

On the other side, if you want these new 2 cameras to be saving recordings, you need to remember that the total 2 cameras with archives is the upper limit for Starter. You can have 2 cameras max that will be saving recordings. See Xeoma Starter conditions here

So if had none cameras with “Preview and Archive” modules in their chains before, sure you can add 2 cameras for recording.
But if your limit for cameras that can do recording is already reached, you can’t have more recording cameras in Xeoma Starter.
In the latter case consider obtaining Xeoma Lite or Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro license instead. See comparison here

Valid as of December, 14 2022