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Move Xeoma license to another machine

This page is used to allow you to move the license to a new computer (activate your license on another server). Remember, it is not allowed to use one license on multiple computers.

Note: if you have the same computer with new hardware or OS reinstalled, please try to activate without reset first! Use this page only if activation is not accepted.

You have only a few lifetime moving attempts available. The automatic count for your license will be decremented. Please use this possibility only if completely sure.

If you haven’t yet decided on which equipment to use permanently, please try Xeoma in the Trial mode instead, or request a free demo license from us, or purchase a hardware key.

I hereby confirm that with this reset I do not infringe license agreement and terms of use. I am aware that one license can be used on one computer only, and I confirm that the license on the computer that Xeoma was activated on will not be used anymore.

If you’re having problems with the automatic reset, please contact our support team.

Before you activate your license on another (new) PC (server) or on the same machine after the reset, you’ll need to do the following:

(on your old PC (even if it’s virtual machine)): make sure that Xeoma is not launched on the old PC, go to Xeoma’s settings folder and try to find and delete xeoma.act (or xeoma.online.act – for VMs) file to avoid problems with activation on another (new) PC.

After you delete xeoma.act file, you can activate your license on the new PC (Main menu – Registration – Activate).