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History of changes of Xeoma

History of changes in Xeoma versions

30 March 2015: Beta version Xeoma 15.3.30:

  • Added "Problems Detector" module;
  • Added digital zoom;
  • Added "PTZ Tracking" module to follow moving objects automatically;
  • Added Fisheye camera dewarping module;
  • Added support of H.265 cameras;
  • Added possibility of saving video in WEBM (VP8 and VP9) format;
  • Added "Relay Switch" module;
  • Added "HTTP receiver" and "HTTP upload to other Xeoma" modules;
  • Added enhanced settings for USB cameras (for Windows and Linux);
  • Motion detector: selectable detection method (comparison of adjacent frames or comparison to the accumulated background);
  • Added "Always on top" mode;
  • Added transparency mode;
  • Popup window module: added push notifications for Android;
  • Added possibility of changing text font in preview;
  • The terms of using Xeoma's trial version have been changed;
  • Added the Japanese localization.

25 February 2015: Xeoma 15.2.25:

  • Fixed bug with camera stream hanging on some configurations (appeared only in 15.1.16 version under Linux)
  • Archive player: added search for motion;
  • Added visualization of movement (motion tracking);
  • Added possibility to build more complicated schemes (connect several filters to the input pin of a following module);
  • Added Device List: easy management of cameras and groups;
  • Archive player: added deletion of selected intervals;
  • Archive player: convenient fast jump to the end of the archive;
  • Added screenshot button (can be reduced to an option in the menu) for instant stills;
  • Added new "Image Rotate" filter module;
  • Users: added new levels of rights;
  • Enhanced interactive tips;
  • Added the Croatian localization.

19 November 2014: Xeoma 14.11.19:

  • Added possibility to move a license to another equipment;
  • Added saving clients' settings to different files;
  • Added "Sound detector", it will filter out image if the sound threshold is not exceeded;
  • Added option to restrict/allow export for users;
  • Archive: playback of H264 recordings made significantly faster.

22 September 2014: Xeoma 14.9.22:

  • Added the “No motion detection” option;
  • Added the new ”HTTP marking” filter and search by its tags in the archive;
  • Added sound in Xeoma's main window;
  • Added SD card synchronization for VIVOTEK cameras;
  • Added more group settings;
  • Rebranding utility: customized versions can now be run also in the trial edition;
  • Xeoma Pro: you can now hide modules, ready schemes, or restrict adding and deleting cameras;
  • Archive: motion events on the timescale are now precise to the seconds;
  • Added possibility to export an extract without re-encoding;
  • Enhanced work of Xeoma Repeater and email sending module (attached pictures) when Internet speed is slow;
  • Added camera’s IP address macro;
  • Enhanced work of the Android app, the “Marking” module, sound quality, PTZ and various usability improvements;
  • Added Belorussian and Slovenian localizations.

18 July 2014: Xeoma 14.7.18:

  • Added new smart search for cameras;
  • Added possibility to extend updates period with 50% discount;
  • Added Catalan localization.

23 June 2014: Xeoma 14.6.23:

  • Universal camera module: added possibility to choose sound quality;
  • Added support for more PTZ cameras;
  • Enhanced work of Save to file, FTP upload and Email sending modules, and export from the archive.

4 June 2014: Xeoma 14.6.4:

  • Added ONVIF detection of PTZ cameras;
  • Enhanced work with archive.

13 May 2014: Xeoma 14.5.19:

  • Added new HTTP request sender module;
  • Added new HTTP switcher module;
  • Added browser view of archives;
  • Added new customization options to the rebranding utility;
  • Added ability to change layouts via configuration file.

14 March 2014: Xeoma 14.3.14:

  • Improved the Cloud mode interface;
  • Improved audio playback quality on Windows and Linux;
  • Improved compatibility with the D-Link DCS-3010 camera.

18 February 2014: Xeoma 14.2.18:

  • Xeoma Pro Cloud: added possibility to set up cameras and module chains in subscribers' settings files;
  • Customization utility: added possibility to make a customized "Client-only" version of Xeoma to connect to a certain server by default;
  • Added full support for updates of the Android version via its interface;
  • Added password protection of the fullscreen mode.

11 February 2014: Xeoma 14.2.11:

  • Added support for MJPEG streamed through RTSP protocol;
  • Xeoma Cloud: possibility to restrict user(s) to use RTSP streaming and conversion of archives;
  • Added password protection of Main menu and Layout menu of Xeoma IP camera software;
  • Added support for Zavio MJPEG cameras;
  • Added NV12 codec for USB cameras (Windows).

20 January 2014: Xeoma 14.1.20:

  • Added full support for CentOS (including autostart);
  • Xeoma for Android: added support for special symbols keyboard;
  • Marking module: added option to display GPS coordinates and speed (Windows, Linux);
  • Added possibility to choose a video input of a TV tuner (Windows).

27 December 2013: Xeoma 13.12.27:

  • Added new FTP receiver module;
  • Added archive export in MJPEG without re-encoding;
  • Xeoma Cloud: users can now add users and change passwords;
  • Added Czech localization.

22 November 2013: Xeoma 13.11.22:

  • Archive improvements: added proportional removing of all archives once the space limit is reached;
  • Added Serbian and Greek localizations;
  • Other minor improvements.

25 October 2013: Xeoma 13.10.25:

  • Xeoma Professional: Xeoma Pro Cloud added to create your own cloud video surveillance service;
  • Archive improvements: you can now choose from which point you’d like to open and view it (the beginning, the last position, last 5 minutes) plus you are now able to export archive footage made in H264 format;
  • New customization options: SMS settings, camera settings (USB/IP cameras prohibition);
  • Camera stream information display (codec, fps, bitrate);
  • Chinese and French localizations.

27 September 2013: Xeoma 13.9.30:

  • Archive interface remastered, new features added: motion events visualization on timeline, possibility to select date and time, playback speed, or timeline scale, or jump to the next/previous detected motion;
  • Layouts: added possibility to group cameras and view a certain group;
  • Layouts: added new layouts (2х1, 3х2);
  • Web server: added possibility to customize html pages;
  • Added auto switching to a higher quality stream in single camera view mode;
  • Install menu: added possibility to run user commands for server autostart (to mount NASs, etc.);
  • Group settings: added possibility to select/unselect all modules;
  • User rights: added possibility to allow/restrict access to archives;
  • Implemented clipboard (copy/paste) for Mac OS.

3 September 2013: Xeoma 13.9.3:

  • Enhanced automated camera search;
  • Finnish localization is added;
  • User's cameras order saving is added (can be changed by an administrator only).

12 August 2013: Xeoma 13.8.12:

  • Enhanced camera search: now it is possible to add multiple cameras by simply specifying their URLs;
  • For Windows users: No limitations in quantity of archives;
  • Exit Detailed settings by pressing Esc button;
  • Improved Preview mode: new cameras now added horizontally;
  • Improved Preview mode: ability to change the order of preview images (drag and drop);
  • Elaborated user rights access: option added to restrict multiple access from 1 user profile.

26 July 2013: Xeoma 13.7.26:

  • Enhanced work with MJPEG/JPEG IP cameras;
  • Improved stability and crash protection (settings saving);
  • Enhanced Xeoma IP camera software Android app (Android 2.3 support, more responsive sensor);
  • Improved direct recording of h264 stream into archive (and its further playback);
  • Perfected operation with a grand number of schemes (up to several thousands of cameras per 1 PC).

4 July 2013: Xeoma 13.7.4:

  • Enabled client-server connection when their versions differ;
  • Added forced fps change for client (applied only to preview);
  • Enhanced work with H264 cameras: storing to the archive without re-encoding;
  • Motion detector: memory load reduced for pre-recording option;
  • Disabled autosearch if there are already cameras added;
  • Added Image Resize filter module.

31 May 2013: Xeoma 13.5.31:

  • Email, Save to File, FTP upload, Archive export: added MP4 format of video;
  • Free updates period extended for 6 more months (total: 1 year);
  • Group settings: added more options;
  • Enhanced work with multiple H264 cameras;
  • Preview and Archive: added "HDD space left" option.

17 May 2013: Xeoma 13.5.17:

  • Added support for Ubuntu 13.04;
  • Added selectable http port for PTZ cameras;
  • Added more IP cameras.

30 April 2013: Xeoma 13.4.30:

  • Added group settings for modules;
  • Licensing policy revised: only video sources require licenses, Microphones can be used for free;
  • Added Italian localization.

19 April 2013: Xeoma 13.4.19:

  • Added Unitor module;
  • Sms sending: added bulksms.com service;
  • Enhanced work with rtsp cameras;
  • Added Fullscreen Mode for Windows;
  • Added PTZ inversion (image flip).

5 April 2013: Xeoma 13.4.5:

  • Added possibility to specify user permissions;
  • Added easy updates straight from the program (Mac OS);
  • Added support for audio in more IP cameras;
  • Enhanced web server flash broadcasting.

22 March 2013: Xeoma 13.3.22:

  • Added easy updates straight from the Xeoma IP camera software (Windows, Linux);
  • Added free rebranding utility for resellers and integrators;
  • Modified left panel in Quick Settings window.

7 March 2013: Xeoma 13.3.7:

  • Remastered Quick Settings' Left Panel for prompt control of modules (adding, removing);
  • Web server: lowered down CPU load when working with USB cams;
  • Added Hungarian localization.

22 February 2013: Xeoma 13.2.25:

  • Added support for more IP and PTZ cameras;
  • Enhanced ONVIF search;
  • Reduced CPU load for some cameras by means of prioritizing MJPEG streams over H.264;
  • Email attachments: options to set up duration of video attachments and time between images captures.

8 February 2013: Xeoma 13.2.8:

  • Added multi-server connection;
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese localization.

25 January 2013: Xeoma 13.1.25:

  • Added sound volume control in preview;
  • Added support for more IP cameras;
  • Added Turkish localization.

11 January 2013: Xeoma 13.1.11:

  • Save to File module: added interval between videos saving, minimal length of records is now 3 seconds;
  • Improved export feature in Archive built-in viewer;
  • Increased speed of archive when many cameras are being recorded.

21 December 2012: Xeoma 12.12.21:

  • Added support for sound from more cameras;
  • Added support for more PTZ cameras;
  • Added support for Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 camera;
  • Added possibility to quickly add multiple cameras by IP addresses.

7 December 2012: Xeoma 12.12.7:

  • Improved search for password-protected ONVIF cameras;
  • Added support for PTZ cameras by Foscam;
  • Added Romanian and Polish localizations;
  • Enhanced usability.

23 November 2012: Xeoma 12.11.23:

  • Web server: broadcasting and view of video with sound;
  • Enhanced text message (SMS) sending module: added new options.

9 November 2012: Xeoma 12.11.9:

  • Added text message (SMS) module;
  • Enhanced usability.

26 October 2012: Xeoma 12.10.26:

  • Web server: view of all cameras in a single web browser window;
  • Marking: added possibility to enter custom text;
  • Added option to scan the network for cameras with use of password and login;
  • Simplified manual setup for cameras;
  • Added language switcher;
  • Added Ukrainian localization.

12 October 2012: Xeoma 12.10.12:

  • Archive built-in viewer: added export of any extract in chosen format;
  • Email notification: added possibility to specify multiple addresses;
  • Saving to File: added possibility to specify max time of storage (cyclic recording);
  • Enhanced work in Linux console;
  • Added support for more IP cameras in Xeoma IP camera software;
  • Simplified uninstall;
  • Added redirect from preview to archive when clicking on time of last detected motion;

28 September 2012: Xeoma 12.9.28:

  • Added Marking module;
  • Added visual motion detection - frame color changes at motion detection and time of last detected movement;
  • Added possibility to send video in H.264 to FTP and email;
  • Enhanced scheduler: round the clock work on weekends;
  • Added saving of settings when upgrading to the commercial version;
  • Added possibility to specify application without its path in application runner module;
  • Added support for more IP cameras.

14 September 2012: Xeoma 12.9.14:

  • Added Xeoma Cloud service;
  • Added possibility to save video to file in H.264;
  • Added possibility to reactivate Repeater subscription on same device after re-installation.

31 August 2012: Xeoma 12.8.31:

  • Accelerated processing of JPEG pictures, thus lower traffic use on client part of Xeoma IP camera software;
  • Added support for ONVIF cams;
  • Improved interface;
  • Added possibility to save video to file in MPEG-4;
  • Added "Help" section.

17 August 2012: Xeoma 12.8.17:

  • Added automatic scrolling of images from cameras;
  • Added possibility to duplicate chains;
  • Enhanced scheduler (night/day shift);
  • Improved usability for many cameras in a relatively small window.

4 August 2012: Xeoma 12.8.4:

  • Changed licensing policy;
  • Added possibility to take screen captures from all monitors simultaneously.

20 July 2012: Xeoma 12.7.20:

  • Added full control of PTZ cams;
  • Added Danish and Spanish localizations.

13 July 2012: Xeoma 12.7.13:

  • Design completely remastered.

22 June 2012: Xeoma 12.6.22:

  • Enhanced motion detector: added opportunity to set the minimal size of object;
  • Added password-protected access to the settings;
  • Added opportunity to specify cameras' names;
  • Added full support for sound in Mac OS X (recording&playback);
  • Enhanced search for network IP cameras with default password;
  • Added Dutch localization.

9 June 2012: Xeoma 12.6.9:

  • Added support for IP cameras that transmit data using the RTSP protocol in H.264 and MPEG4 (support for playback of video and audio) with the help of additional free component;
  • Archive: added option to specify the folder to store the archives for certain modules;
  • Added information about the modules, shown at the click on the icon in module settings.

29 May 2012: Xeoma 12.5.29:

  • Added Pop-up Window module;
  • Added full support for USB cams on Mac OS X;
  • Reduced network load when minimized.

11 May 2012: Xeoma 12.5.11:

  • Added Mac OS X support (both 32- and 64-bit).

28 Apr 2012: Xeoma 12.4.28:

  • Added Screenshot capturing module;
  • Added upload to FTP server module.

13 Apr 2012: Xeoma 12.4.13:

  • Added Repeater service to connect to Xeoma IP Camera Software even if your computer is not accessible from Internet (inside firewall, mobile network, etc. where real IP address is not available).

30 Mar 2012: Xeoma 12.3.30:

  • Motion detector: prerecording option;
  • Motion detector: postrecording option;
  • Motion detector: start delay;
  • Added ready-to-use schemes:          

          - motion-triggered recording and sound alarm;
          - motion-triggered recording and email;
          - motion-triggered network transmission;
          - motion-triggered and scheduled recording;
          - network transmission.

16 Mar 2012: Xeoma 12.3.16:

  • Added Scheduler module to define when modules, connected to it, are to start or end work.

2 Mar 2012: Xeoma 12.3.2:

  • Added sound alarm module;
  • Added module for saving JPEG images and MJPEG videos to the user-specified path;
  • Added e-mail sending module (with attached JPEG images and MJPEG videos);
  • Added module for running a specified program that will receive the path to the current image;
  • Added module source for JPEG image displaying (updates with file changes) or cyclic playback of an MJPEG video file that was recorded with Xeoma IP Camera Software for any wired and wireless security camera;
  • Preview and archive module has been upgraded. Now you can also specify maximum size of archive (old recordings will be deleted if it is exceeded). Added settings to define size and compression rate of images stored to archive;
  • Xeoma now supports OpenSUSE and Mint Linux distributions.

17 Feb 2012: Xeoma 12.2.17:

  • Added possibility to install Xeoma on Linux without a graphical shell;
  • Added localization of Xeoma into the German language.

06 Feb 2012: Xeoma 12.2.6:

  • Added possibility to connect multiple computers with Xeoma video surveillance software for any wired or wifi security camera into one or multiple central servers to receive video and audio - to access remote cameras and microphones;
  • Added view of remote camera pictures directly in any internet browser as jpeg images or mjpeg video in real time as from ordinary IP cameras.

23 Jan 2012: Xeoma 12.1.23:

  • Motion detector: setting up zones of motion detection of any shape or size;
  • Motion detector: adjustable detector's sensibility level.

31 Dec 2011: Xeoma 11.12.30:

  • Added support for Linux/Ubuntu free operation system of latest versions (9, 10, 11), both 64-bit and 32-bit versions with XWindows.

16 Dec 2011: FelenaSoft company released new free IP camera software Xeoma for any wired or wireless security camera with unique interface and flexible settings. The application supports analog, web (USB) and IP cameras, has built-in archive and player, motion and day detectors. The commercial mode with extended functionality is also available.


Xeoma IP camera software for any wired and wifi security camera

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