Attention! With version 17.6.23 we discontinue support for outdated operating systems like Windows XP, Vista or lower, and Ubuntu 11.10 or lower, 32 bit Macs, as well as for Raspberry Pi I device. Please update your operating system if you want to use newer versions of Xeoma.

14 December 2017: New article

Loitering Detector

Loitering may not be grounds for arrest but is certainly a cause for suspicion. Until recently the only eye that could take note of this kind of behavior was a human one. However, the ever-watchful eye of a camera is learning from its creators and starting to keep up with them. Xeoma’s Loitering Detector is a perfect example. Read more


6 December 2017: New article

Security at sea

The cruise industry goes full steam ahead with security systems. Cruise ferry is a floating city, so while the cities are secured with video surveillance, why not use it on a ship? Read more


22 November 2017: New article

Expo center: security protection

Expo center is a place where dozens of specialized exhibitions take place every year, and quite often these are international exhibitions. Thousands of guests, including foreign ones, attend these events. The crucial component for the permanent control of the territory is video surveillance system. Read more


7 November 2017: New version

New Xeoma 17.11.24

In the new beta version you will find:

  • PRO: Added the new “ANPR Sender to FTP” module. With this module, you can send photos and information about a recognized number from the ANPR module to an FTP server of your choice.
  • PRO: Added the new “Loitering Detector” module. With this module, you can have the system detect when there is a loitering object in the camera’s view for longer than a set period of time.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: Added a “maximum time of storage” setting in addition to the already available limitation for maximum allowed disk space. With this setting, you can assign subscribers a certain time of data storage within their subscription.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added a new option to limit resolution and bitrate for a stream used for saving archives.
  • Application Runner: added the %NAMES% macro that carries the name of a recognized person from Face Detector.
  • Enhanced Xeoma’s auto search for cameras: added support for cameras that work through ONVIF H265 protocol.
  • Added a new console command -savepassword 0/1 that permits/prohibits saving of password even for a connection within a local network or on the same computer. Use it to restrict access to Xeoma on a shared computer or in environments where password should be entered each time Xeoma is accessed.
  • Added support for PTZ functions of the Sricam SP008 camera.
  • Windows: added option to open different clients in Fullscreen on various monitors (already available for Mac and Linux).
  • Added support for FTP Upload from the Dahua cameras. Now you can connect Dahua cameras to a remote server (including our Xeoma Cloud) even without a static public IP address or a working 24/7 computer.
  • Multiserver mode: added display of messages from detectors in preview.
  • Archive: added support for recording from cameras that use H.264+ Smart Codec and H.265+ Smart Codec.
  • Xeoma’s installation folder on Windows is changed. Now Xeoma gets installed into the standard folder C:\Program Files\Xeoma.
  • The “Layouts” menu has a new option to hide the All Cameras page when you have multiple tabs. Find it in Layouts-Manage Layouts-Hide All Cameras page.
  • Enhanced smoothness of Xeoma’s interface thanks to OpenGL optimization.
  • Fixed possible issues with saving archives of the size over 20TB.
  • Fixed the certificate error in VPN connection to a Xeoma server.
  • Fixed work with h265 streams of Dahua cameras.
  • Fixed mix-up of different camera images when several FTP Receiver modules are used.
  • Fixed issue with files getting cut off when the Save to file module is used for high definition cameras.
  • Cross-line Detector: fixed the Reset Interval.


12 October 2017: New article

Video surveillance systems in cinemas

Video surveillance cameras in the cinema will help avoid conflict situations, when visitors drink alcohol drinks in cinema halls; help fight against pirates who shoot films in cinema halls on their devices; and amazingly aid in increasing the movie theater’s profits. Information about number of people visiting the movie show, their gender and age is valuable for advertisers… Read more


6 October 2017: New article

RTSP Broadcasting

Data transmission over long distances is being improved, as new ways of facilitating this process are introduced (e.g. H.265), and Xeoma is keeping its eyes on the ball, ready to embrace the new technology. Xeoma’s “RTSP Broadcasting” module – it allows to convert any stream into RTSP (including H.264), be it analog, USB or IP camera. Read more


6 September 2017: New article

Deep learning technology

Deep learning is AI’s future in a whole lot of areas, especially the ones with high responsibility, as for example video surveillance. Deep learning technology enables machines to perform complex visual analysis, identifying the gender, age range and emotional state of the identified persons, as well as detecting, whether the person is wearing glasses. Read more


5 September 2017: New article

Safe City

Installation of video cameras with Xeoma within the framework of the “Secure Yard” project helps reduce the risk of car theft, vandalism acts, property damage, attempt on somebody’s life. Read more


31 August 2017: New version

New Xeoma 17.8.31

In the new version you will find:

  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added new web interface for admin and users. New Admin page allows administrator to manage Cloud and users, and User page is for users to view their cameras, their records, and run search for cameras – all in browser.
  • Added search for cameras through web interface.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added option to limit how many sub-users your Cloud subscriber is allowed to create.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added option to check both login and password for authorization (for example, login@password) when default password-only check is not enough secure.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added option to set up the “FTP Upload” module in configuration files in addition to previously available setup through UI (client connection).
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: optimized log in Xeoma_cloud.log file.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: fixed the ClientsCountLimit option for limitation of user connections when 0 is set.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: fixed import and export of settings.
  • Xeoma Pro: added option to select detection zone for iANPR library in the “ANPR” module.
  • Xeoma Pro: added %FACESCOUNT% macro that allows to send number of faces detected by “Face Detector” to destination modules “HTTP Request Sender”, “Application Runner” and “Send Email”.
  • Xeoma Pro: enhanced training and further recognition of faces in “Face Detector”.
  • Web Server: added new web interface for web browser view. More features of the client connection are now available in browser including camera search, addition or setup.
  • Added failover settings. Now you can have one or several backup servers for automatic switch in case of failure of your main servers. Find that option in Main menu -> Install -> Backup server.
  • Added support for CUDA hardware acceleration under Linux. If your graphics card supports the CUDA technology, it might help reduce overall CPU load.
  • Universal Camera: added option to buffer the incoming stream. It will aid to smoother real-time view of cameras.
  • Multi-server mode: Xeoma will now remember what Pages you had set in Layouts and your last viewed Page, and re-open it next time you connect.
  • Device List: added option to toggle/expand all groups and sub-groups.
  • Device List: added opportunity to change the Device List’s window size by dragging its ends.
  • Camera search: added opportunity to enter several passwords, usernames, and ports for search at the same time.
  • HTTP Request Sender: added new mode of work to send commands at certain intervals of time.
  • Added opportunity to disable saving of metadata from Motion Detector to the database to reduce its size significantly. Choose this option if you don’t need search by area or visualization of motion objects in the Xeoma’s Archive viewer, and you want smaller database size.
  • Enhanced ONVIF search for cameras, including LTV brand.
  • Added support for flash (flv) stream from the Maginon IPC camera.
  • Fixed issue where big-sized archives would freeze when overwriting was engaged.
  • Fixed display of more than 6 cameras in web browser interface.
  • Fixed remote access to web interface when 10090 port is forwarded.
  • Fixed disappearance of PTZ control at server restarts.
  • Fixed frequent deactivation of licenses on virtual machines when Internet access is unstable.
  • Fixed activation of 10 or more serial numbers at the same time.
  • Fixed search for Novicam DVR AR1108;
  • Fixed information on preview from modules ANPR, Object Detector, Face Detector under Linux;
  • Fixed high load issue under Linux when the client part is minimized;
  • Optimized load from client conncetion;
  • Fixed camera names displayed in Multi-server mode;
  • Fixed crash when motion search by area is engaged under ARM platform.


6 June 2017: New article

Choosing the right operating system for your video surveillance

We often hear questions how to choose the right operating system for the video surveillance installation. In this article we will answer this and other questions about perfect operating system. Read more


31 May 2017: New article

Video surveillance installation in the horticultural society

A summer cottage is the place, in which we invest our time and energies. Unfortunately, in our time cases of property and harvest theft occur increasingly frequently in horticultural societies, so the issue of security protection in horticultural societies is the most urgent. Read more


5 May 2017: New version

New Xeoma 17.5.5

In the new version you will find:

  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added enhanced background monitoring of cloud service process with automatic restarts;
  • ANPR: Added support for a newer version of iANPR tool (v.1.5). Among other great enhancements it can now recognize license plates of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Moldova Republic. Also, it offers possibility to set minimum and maximum size of plates to recognize, which will aid in enhancing successful recognition rate;
  • Fixed time in “Marking”, “Scheduler”, “Sending Email” modules: now it will be according to your time zone;
  • Fixed the “Can’t rename file” error in archive that was caused by wrong time stamps.


2 May 2017: New article

HTTP upload to other Xeoma

If you ever wondered how you can transmit live video with sound from an embedded camera from one Xeoma to another (or, to Xeoma Cloud for off-site storage), you will find answers in our new article. Works for screen captures as well!


20 April 2017: New article

Video surveillance system in the parking space

Leaving the car in the parking space, the car owner wants to be sure in its safety. But often even here unpleasant situations occur. Video surveillance system installation will help improve the safety of the parking space, and will also help identify those guilty for the incidents… Read more


13 April 2017: New article

Security camera installation in the shop center

A shop center can become a potential threat for both visitors and trading spaces tenants. The place that is visited by thousands of people daily can become attractive for both terrorists and thieves. To ensure security in such a construction, it is necessary to apply intensive measures, and video surveillance system will become an ideal assistant in this business. See details here


31 March 2017: New version

New Xeoma Beta 17.3.30

The new beta version Xeoma 17.3.30 is already available on the official site! In it we did a good job reducing the overall processor load and enhanced the “Email Sending” module. See details here


27 March 2017: New article

Video surveillance system at sports building

A healthy lifestyle is in fashion today. Sports facilities can be considered as places, where a large number of people gathers in masses. The more popular the object is, the closer attention should be paid on the part of ensuring security. On the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup… Read more


23 March 2017: New article

Residential complex: video surveillance installation

Residential complex unites a large number of residents with the different upbringing level in one territory. The video surveillance installation will make the residential complex more secure and will help deal with most of these problems, and most importantly – secure housing from intruders… Read more


13 March 2017: Announcement

Discontinued support for Widnows XP, Vista, Linux Ubuntu 11.10 or lower, 32 bit Mac OS and Raspberry Pi1 device

Xeoma is a cutting-edge and very fast developing program. New technologies are being constantly utilized to bring you the best performance and the contemporary set of features. Unfortunately, new techniques are not supported in older operating systems like Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu 11.10 or lower. That’s why newer versions of Xeoma, released after April-May 2017, will not be working on these outdated OSes. Please make sure to upgrade to a more recent operating system if you are planning to use new versions of Xeoma.

We are on the constant lookout for latest of what technology has to offer to keep up with the growing needs for better, more effective video surveillance. That’s what makes Xeoma bestseller in video surveillance and #1 choice for protecting home and work.


9 March 2017: New version

New Xeoma Beta 17.3.1

In the new version you will find:

  • PRO: added new visual web admin page for administrator of Xeoma Pro Your Cloud. All actions that you could do through configuration files are now available through the new interface;
  • PRO: added a special feature called “1-click Cloud” for addition of “local” cameras to your Cloud server. Once you have connected “local” cameras to a “local” Xeoma, go to Main menu -> Cloud service. Authorization form will appear for IP address and login for the Cloud server. If done correctly, your cameras will be automatically added on the Cloud server side (by means of HTTP Receiver and HTTP Sender modules);
  • PRO: added option to send screenshots to an external module or script in the “ANPR” module;
  • PRO: added a new “Cross-line Detection” module. It will detect crossing a line you drew only when the line is crossed in the needed direction. Handy for everywhere where direction matters like checkpoints and retail stores;
  • PRO: RTSP Broadcaster module can now emulate ONVIF PTZ. It means you can broadcast an rtsp stream that will respond to PTZ commands;
  • PRO: added option to activate license for the ianpr library in the “ANPR” module;
  • Added visualization of path direction for preview (Single or Multicamera View). You will see arrows now showing where the detected object has been moving;
  • HTTP Marking: added search by ID you used. Find the search box in archive’s menu. Also, with the free rebranding utility you can place a quick-access button for this option in archive icon bar. See more about in Article about HTTP Marking module ;
  • Web server interface design enhanced for a better user experience;
  • Added support for SSL/TLS certificates for clients on mobile devices. The certificate you use will be downloaded to the mobile device from your Xeoma server;
  • Onvif DVR streams are now automatically added as separate cameras;
  • Added support for h264 streams transmitted over http;
  • Added support for DVR HIKVISION DS-7216HGHI-F;
  • Added support for the .m3u8 format of streams;
  • Added scrollbar to Device List. If you have a lot of cameras and groups you can now conveniently scroll them up or down;
  • Connection dialog now saves combination to the same servers with different ports or under different users;
  • Screenshot: when direct saving to the archive is used, screenshot is now saved off the archive stream, not off the preview stream as previously;
  • Camera names are now saved also after drag and drop of Device List dialog;
  • Added Automatic switch to 24h or 12h format for browser view;
  • Added option to disable the “Low fps may ne caused by low network speed to Client” message in preview screen;
  • Fixed camera freezes when the “Save To File” module is used;
  • Fixed crash in the “Object Detector” module;
  • Fixed the current sensitivity level bar in Motion Detector;
  • Fixed the issue with low fps in Windows when many cameras are in preview window;
  • Fixed cameras freezing when the Unitor module is used;
  • Fixed names of files send via the Email Sending module;
  • PRO: fixed the monitored zone in the ANPR module.


9 March 2017: New article

Recreation department: provide security

The hottest time of the year is at hand, and it means that very soon the season of active recreation will be opened. Recreation department is one of the most popular places for active recreation. It’s time to take care about security protection, and video surveillance system will help you in this business… Read more


2 March 2017: New article

Video surveillance system at a petrol filling station

Now we live in the period of high prices and low incomes, and prices for petrol are constantly on the rise.
Petrol filling station robberies occur with increasing frequency during the past years, and now you will hardly ever find a petrol filling station, which is not equipped with video surveillance system. Nowadays this is the most effective means… Read more


17 February 2017: New article

Video Surveillance for Newbies

This guide will help you create your camera security system and start using Xeoma, even with no technological background. Read more


13 February 2017: New article

Video surveillance installation in the institutions of higher education

Often in educational institutions arguments arise regarding lecturer’s qualification and student’s diligence. Without video surveillance it is difficult to define those responsible for vandalism acts, as well as to determine who of the conflicting parties is in the right. Video surveillance installation will help solve a number of problems… Read more


30 January 2017: New article

How video surveillance provides security at a railway station

Public places, where a great number of people gather in masses, become a potential threat to human security, especially at a railway station. Software for video surveillance Xeoma may become your indispensable assistant in this difficult matter… Read more


25 January 2017: New article

Asus Tinker single board computer

Raspberry Pi’s fame and success has been long exciting the minds of manufacturers that dream to get a share of single board computers market. Asus Tinker Board is yet another RPI competitor, this time from a popular brand Asus. Learn more about the board in our new article.


26 December 2016: New version

New Xeoma 16.12.26

In the new version you will find:

    • PRO: enhanced Xeoma Pro Your Cloud log (added information about connected user and their IP address);
    • PRO: fixed redirect in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud. Now user doesn’t see address of the server they are being redirected to;
    • Added activation of licenses on virtual machines. Now you can activate licenses on a virtual machine if it has permanent access to the Internet or there is an activation server in the home network;
    • Rebranding utility: added commands to hide archive menu’s options “Search by motion”, “Search by license plates”, “License plates log”;
    • Added new “Condition” module. This module passes video stream to following modules in the chain if the pre-set logical condition is met;
    • Help screen at first launch is enhanced: now you can choose whether to add certain cameras from what Xeoma found, or cancel the search at all;
    • Added the Traditional Chinese language;
    • Web server: added possibility to add cameras through Xeoma’s web interface in a web browser;
    • Web server: added export of archive through Xeoma’s web interface in a web browser;
    • Web server: added logout button in Xeoma’s web interface in a web browser;
    • Web server: added option to change password for web interface login in a web browser;
    • Added limitations in Web interface for users of free and trial version of Xeoma. Now no live view, view of recordings, or change of settings is available for the free version; only one camera can be added and viewed, and no changing of password is available in the trial version;
    • Users: added possibility to use individual order of cameras also for administrator on different computers;
    • Users: enhanced individual order of cameras option. Now order is saved not just for every user but also set up tabs (division of all cameras into pages);
    • Added separate storage of settings for each operating system’s user. It means that if OS’s user changes, autologin into Xeoma will not be possible as Xeoma’s password will not autofilled for the new user;
    • Added support for cameras working over the https protocol;
    • Xeoma Android app: now still images from the app get stored in the system /screenshots folder;
    • Lite: prohibited activation of Lite licenses on virtual machines;
    • Added support for the 16-Megapixel camera Aviglion 16L-H4PRO-B(777933);
    • Added support for optical zoom in Reolink cameras;
    • Fixed issues with wrong image resolution in Screen capture when desktop font enlargement is used under Windows 10;
    • Fixed issue with the heat map still being shown on preview after exiting the archive;
    • Fixed the issue with checkboxes in USB camera getting reset after settings are closed;
    • Fixed the issue with recordings still shown on the timescale in archive viewer even though the camera was off;
    • Fixed crash under Linux when archive is being viewed;
    • Fixed white/black screen issue on some Android devices, including Xiaomi Red Rice;
    • Fixed issue when it was impossible to choose a USB camera from the list in Universal Camera settings if there were more than one USB camera;
    • Fixed launching of Xeoma’s ARM versions under ArchLinux;
    • Fixed image distortions in archive view;
    • Fixed cameras freezing when several Save To File modules are used;
    • Fixed bug with HTTP Switcher not working in web browsers when web server is using password protection;
    • Fixed bug with HTTP Switcher not working in web browsers for remote access.


    23 December 2016: New article

    Object Detection

    Video Content Analysis (VCA) enables the cameras to distinguish anything which is not just a part of the background. The main principle behind Xeoma’s module Object Detector is very simple: as long as it detects an object – it will skip the video to the next module in the chain. To make sure that the “Object Detector” pays attention only to the objects you need, you need to determine… Read more


    22 December 2016: New article

    How to use FTP upload in Xeoma?

    When it comes to video surveillance, it is particularly important to make sure that there is a safe place for all the data the cameras collected. The most efficient way is to have backups, preferably far away from the main server. This is where FTP upload comes to save the day. Read more


    1 December 2016: New special offer

    4-months Repeater subscription with any Xeoma Pro license

    Up until December, 31 2016 you will get a free 4-months Repeater subscription with every purchase of Xeoma Pro licenses! Details here


    25 November 2016: New article

    Smoke Detector Cameras

    Video surveillance is used mostly for detecting unwanted visitors and controlling the activity of the others. However, there are many more threats to both life and business to be accounted for. The fires are, unfortunately, a rather common type of emergencies all over the globe. One of the new features of Xeoma is a “Smoke Detector”. With this you can be sure that you are the first to know if any fire breaks out. Let us look at the module’s functions. Read more


    24 November 2016: New article

    How to install a 64/32 bit operating system to a Raspberry Pi 3 board

    Raspberry Pi 3 is a bestseller single board computer of the next generation. Cost- and performance-effective, it’s a great alternative to DVRs and standalone computer-based servers for viceo surveillance. Its tiny dimensions allow for use in difficult environment. Now that you have ordered it and needed parts of hardware, next step is installing an operating system to the board. Read more about that in our new article.


    23 November 2016: New article

    Heatmap in video surveillance system Xeoma

    Heatmap is one of the most efficient tools in video surveillance. With its help, you can get a quick glance at motion dynamics in camera’s field of view. Learn how to set it up in Xeoma in our new article.


    22 November 2016: New article

    New Feature: Secure TLS Connection

    As of version 16.10.31, Xeoma supports secure TLS connection between servers and clients. Learn more about the nature of TLS and how to set it up in Xeoma in our new article.


    17 November 2016: New article

    Face Blur

    When used on its own, the “Privacy Masking” module, available in the PRO edition, will come in handy if you need to dynamically blur private property in camera’s field of view. However, rarely known fact is: “Privacy Masking” can be used in combination with other filter modules, namely detectors like “Object Detector” and “Face Detector” to blur those detected objects both in preview and in archive recordings. Details


    10 November 2016: New article

    Bus Surveillance

    Since video surveillance was created for the purpose of reassuring people of their safety, the obvious question to ask is “How can we be safe en route?” This article will take a closer look at how video surveillance can be applied to buses. Details


    1 November 2016: New article

    User manual for Xeoma Mac OS surveillance software

    In this guide we will show you how to run Xeoma on Mac and how to overcome some difficulties. More information in our article.


    31 October 2016: New version

    New Xeoma 16.10.31

    In the new version you will find:

      PRO improvements:

    • Added Detector of abandoned objects. It can be used to look for unwanted vehicles, or objects in an area such as for example restricted territory or railway station;
    • Added Smoke Detector. It will help you automatically detect if there’s a fire or smoke in the camera’s field of view;
    • Added heat map. Now you can quickly review where the most of motion occurs (for example, in a shop). See this feature in Archive menu –> Heat map;
    • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud mode can now be launched from Xeoma UI. Create your own Video Surveillance as a Service system;
    • Multilayer eMap: now you can have several maps to put your cameras on, and switch between them in a single click;
    • ANPR: you can now use your own third-party utility for license plate recognition, and choose where to store the suggested OpenAlpr utility. Click here to learn about setup.
    • Important additions:

    • You asked – we made it happen. New type of licenses will help you upgrade your Xeoma Standard licenses to Xeoma Pro licenses. Check them out on Buy page;
    • Added TLS secure connection between client and server. See instructions in Xeoma folder > Security > Certificate > Readme.txt;
    • Added Xeoma version for ARMv8 (64 bit);
    • Added setup of cameras’ URLs via Web Server browser page;
    • Archive: Added visualization of sound events on the archive timescale. Now you can quickly review all the events detected by Sound Detector;
    • Time zones! We added the automatic switch to the daylight saving time and back;
    • Added Picture-in-picture to embed a dynamically updating picture from one camera into another’s view box;
    • We have added a new option in the Purchase page – now you can buy Xeoma Pro licenses with 3 years of updates already in package;
    • New partner program: get 7% off purchases made by your customers back in cash! You can notify us about purchases yourself or use the affiliate link to track purchases automatically.
    • Improvements:

    • Improved performance of camera stream decoding under high CPU load;
    • Archive: accelerated loading of archive database.
    • New Cameras:

    • Added support for PTZ of the Beward BD75-1 cam;
    • Added support for 4-lens cameras Arecont Vision AV8185DN and AV20185DN.
    • Bug fixes:

    • Web server: Fixed bug with duplicating a chain where Web server’s URLs got duplicated as well;
    • Web server: fixed bug with Web server’s password being lost after another module is added;
    • Android: fixed bug with launch of Xeoma on some tablets or smart phones (including Intel-based ones);
    • Android: fixed the 100% CPU load when client is closed via the UI;
    • Face Detector: fixed occasional crashes under Linux in Face Detector;
    • Fixed the “Can’t copy one or several files” error for installation of the program to a non-default directory;
    • FTP upload: fixed transfer of vp8/vp9 files with sound from Xeoma through FTP.


    21 October 2016: New article

    AAEON UP single board computer that works with Raspberry Pi extension boards

    Started as a crowdfunding project at Kickstarter AAEON UP Single Board Computer has grown into a real alternative to Raspberry Pi single board computer. Tiny and dynamic, Up can be placed in a challenging environment, for home and business video surveillance, where no personal computers would fit. Are you up for the Up? Details


    19 October 2016: New article

    Hotel Security

    Hotels and resorts of every kind are constantly looking up to the security industry to improve their security measures, so that the lodgers would feel truly at home. This article will take a closer look at how such security can be installed and managed. Details


    18 October 2016: New article

    Video Surveillance for Flat Buildings

    Even arranging video surveillance for an entire flat building is no longer a particularly tall order, considering how available house cameras are nowadays. In this article we’ll investigate how video surveillance for flat buildings can be accomplished. Details


    14 October 2016: New article

    Cheap Intel Mini PC Wintel W8 Pro based on Windows 10

    Meet the new solution, ready to work straight out of the box mini PC Wintel W8 Pro, a great alternative to single board computers. It has everything in bundle you’d need to replace a desktop computer, including an operating system from the well-known Windows family. This gadget says it loud and clear that SBCs are no longer just for geeks. Details


    13 October 2016: New article

    Xeoma in Mikrotik Users Meeting 2016 Conference

    On September, 30 – October, 1 MUM took place in Vega Hotel, Moscow, Russia. It is an annual event, uniting network engineers, camera manufacturers, Internet providers and security installers. Details


    10 October 2016: New article

    Google Pixel, new Android smartphone perfect for video surveillance

    Google company, creator of famous Google search engine and open source operating system Android which is a main competitor to Apple and its iPhone world domination, has taken a new step to win this war. On October, 4 Google announced its new smart phone Google Pixel. Learn how it can be used in video surveillance. Details


    7 October 2016: New article

    Video Surveillance as Part of Airport Security

    Anybody who traveled by plane at least once knows that airport security is tight. This, in turn, makes video surveillance equipment an essential and irreplaceable part of it. The sheer size of the facility usually renders cameras invisible to a naked eye but they still tirelessly do their work. Details


    29 September 2016: New article

    Counter-Terrorism With Video Surveillance

    Visible public cameras are a serious deterring factor when it comes to criminal activity. After all, the best defense is not the one that withstands attacks; it’s the one that prevents them. This is where our counter-terrorism measures come into play. Details


    20 September 2016: New article

    CCTV Security System Administration: How to Admin?

    The efficiency of any surveillance system depends greatly on the way it is handled, in other words, on its administrator. So how does one optimize their security through proper system administration? Read more


    19 September 2016: New article

    Perfect Surveillance?

    How much does one need to know to create one’s own surveillance system? How much effort is required to make it both functional and effective? “A lot”? Not anymore! Read more

    16 September 2016: New special offer

    “Member gets member” special

    “Member gets member” special: Tell any of the large organizations or security providers in your city about us, and get FREE Xeoma license for 8 cameras. Details

    16 September 2016: New article

    Video Surveillance In Retail As Marketing And Sales Tool

    Video surveillance is capable of becoming a powerful sales tool and a valuable source of information for a concerned shop owner. Getting the very best out of what you have is not just a rare ability but a real necessity in our competitive world of marketing and sales management. Read more

    15 September 2016: New article


    Wildlife is also an interesting filming material but installing an intricate camera out in the open, in such a way that it would last at least a week, is a tall order indeed. And yet, there are areas containing and preserving wildlife, where surveillance is quite possible or even required. And those are zoos. Read more

    14 September 2016: New article

    Video Surveillance vs Kidnapping

    One of the most basic necessities for any person is safety, but not just for oneself. If those we hold dear are safe, we feel safer as well. Ask any parent whose safety concerns them the most and the invariable answer will be “My child’s”. Read more

    12 September 2016: New article

    Connecting Xeoma via VPN

    Need to connect your remote cameras that don’t have public IP address? VPN connection might be just the solution you need. Easy to install to a router, easy to connect to Xeoma. Read more in our new guide

    8 September 2016: New article

    Multilayered eMap in Xeoma

    The new Xeoma Pro’s function is called Multilayered eMap for a reason. Simply put, it can now store as many maps for different floors as you need. Read more

    7 September 2016: New article

    HDDs or SSDs for Video Surveillance?

    Before you can work with data, you, obviously, need to store it somewhere. What device to choose? Read more here

    27 August 2016: New article

    Dual Streaming: What Should I Know?

    Dual streaming is simply the new step in cameras’ evolution. Modern cameras need to provide live feed to the monitor(s) (often wirelessly) and save the footage for future reference (usually locally). Read more

    26 August 2016: New article

    Layouts Management in Xeoma

    Multiple camera feeds on a single screen can be quite a confusing mess, unless arranged properly. Xeoma holds an abundance of tools to help you with that. Read more

    25 August 2016: New article

    Visitors Counter

    “Visitors Counter” is a unique function that allows you to effectively analyze the footfall traffic for your shop, showroom or your office attendance. Read more

    24 August 2016: New article

    Marking module

    Xeoma’s “Marking” module can waterstamp text, date and time, GPS coordinates and image of your choice to the camera image, both in preview and in the archive. Read more

    23 August 2016: New article

    Shop surveillance and crime prevention

    Nowadays shoplifting as an incredibly common occurrence with a simple ratio of “the bigger the shop – the higher the crime rate”. Sure, security guards can’t be everywhere – but cameras can… Read more

    19 August 2016: New article

    Face Detector and Face Recognition

    Among other features Xeoma enables your camera to detect people’s faces and recognize specific faces. It can also store a full database of people within its range. This comes especially useful in monitoring staff activity or creating automatic security systems preventing trespassing. Read more

    17 August 2016: New version

    New Xeoma 16.8.17

    In the new version you will find:

    • Xeoma Pro: added license plate recognition (ANPR module) for license plates from USA, Europe, UK, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Kazakhstan;
    • Xeoma Pro: added Face Recognition. You can find this option in Face Detector module settings where you can train Xeoma to recognize a certain person using shots of them from archive or live stream;
    • Marking: watermark image now can be flexibly scaled (from 10% to full size of the original) to fit into the camera image in the most convenient way;
    • Users: added option to decode video on client or server for each user separately;
    • Multi-Server Mode: added possibility to add servers connected through Repeater as well;
    • Layouts: added options to stretch or fit camera image into preview boxes and thus get rid of black borders;
    • Added the ANPR and Face Detector modules to Mac OS X;
    • Added support for PTZ of Tenvis JPT-3815 camera;
    • Added support for EasyCap USB dongle device for connection of analog cameras to computer;
    • Added retention of selected font size for preview texts after restarts of server;
    • Motion Detector: added support for camera switches to the night mode and back, without false alarms;
    • Problems Detector: fixed false notification about RAM shortage on Linux;
    • Fixed freezing issue when installing Xeoma on Macs that have a USB camera connected;
    • Microphone: fixed issues with peripheral microphones occasionally not working on Linux;
    • Privacy Masking: fixed wrong zones of masking from detectors;
    • Android: fixed crash in Single Camera View mode;
    • Android: fixed startup crash on some Android devices;
    • Visitors Counter: fixed the Interval of counter resets option to work according to the specified interval;
    • Fixed Screen Capture issues in installed Xeoma on Windows;
    • Fixed memory leak under Windows;
    • Fixed issue with recording stopping after restart (for large archives).

    6 June 2016: New version

    New version Xeoma 16.6.6

    In the new version you will find:

    • Fixed bug with rtsp streams when updating to a new version;
    • Universal camera: optimized work with stream for direct saving into the archive.

    18 May 2016: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 16.5.18

    New version features following improvements:

    • Added possibility to save backup of settings and restore them at your convenience (see Main menu –> Install –> Restore menu for Export, Import, Save, Reset options);
    • PRO: added possibility to export selected extracts from several archives at the same time;
    • PRO: added option to select what users the Pop-Up Window module will work for;
    • Users: added option to use individual order of cameras in preview for certain users on each computer;
    • Fixed occasional freezing of Xeoma when recording archives;
    • Fixed occasional failure to launch Xeoma server at computer boot;
    • Fixed memory leaks when working with USB camera and microphone (Windows);
    • Archive: fixed crash when exporting into the webm format;
    • Fixed crash on Raspberry devices when working with microphone;
    • Enhanced version of Xeoma for Android.

    8 April 2016: New version

    New version Xeoma 16.4.8

    New version features following improvements:

    • Optimized work of Xeoma’s client part on Android;
    • Fixed the issue when Xeoma suddenly stopped recording video to archives;
    • Sending SMS: fixed sending SMS with the option.

    29 March 2016: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 16.3.29

    Improvements of the new Xeoma 16.3.29:

    Added client part for ARM processor-based Linuxes.
    Added Face Blur: now you can use the Privacy Masking module to blur objects detected by a preceding filter (like Face Detector) in the chain.
    Added support for RTSP cameras on Xeoma server under Android;
    Marking enhanced: added option to use image overlay (along with previously available date/time, text, or GPS coordinates waterstamp).
    Added possibility to save only audio stream to archive without video stream.
    Added Fullscreen mode for Xeoma on Linux (Layouts menu –> Window settings).
    Enhanced archive settings: now you can see how much space in % is still free and available for Xeoma recordings.
    Enhanced work with cameras – now there will be less freezes when working with large amounts of cameras.

    22 March 2016: New article

    Active Directory LDAP configuration in Xeoma

    Among many high-end features that Xeoma Pro offers there is also support for Active Directory LDAP account in Windows. Users can use their LDAP configuration to login to Xeoma. This photo instruction will help you set up Xeoma for your Active Directory LDAP.

    17 March 2016: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 16.3.17

    New beta version introduces the following improvements:

    Added support for RTSP cameras in Xeoma for ARM. Support for keyboard arrows was added in Xeoma’s archive player. Pressing left/right arrows will move play slider 10 secs backward/forward. Also possibility to stop search in selected areas was added the player: you can stop it by exiting the player (going back to Single or Multi Camera view window), or clicking on the search progress bar.

    Pressing the Tab keyboard button will now help you jump to the next field.

    More options added to the Universal Camera’s Group settings section, including preferences for single camera view, archive storage and hardware acceleration. Export from the archive now has a warning if there is no sufficient free space on the server or the client for export of the selected extract. Also, a warning will be shown if there are insufficient rights for export of the selected extract.

    Fixes include corrected wrong modules’ name when logged in through LDAP. Android: fixed search for motion in selected areas. Fixed processor load peaks when email messages were dispatched.

    10 March 2016: New article

    Xeoma Screen Recording Software

    If you’re looking for a great screen recording software, Xeoma is there to meet your requirements! Record from screen even in hidden mode or make a step-by-step video tutorial with Xeoma screen recorder.

    2 March 2016: New article

    Xeoma is a great alternative GeoVision Software

    GeoVision is one of the greatest security cameras manufacturer based in Taiwan. Their products come in different colors and shapes, for a reasonable price. If you are looking to build your own video surveillance system with GeoVision cameras, take a look at Xeoma GeoVision Software.

    1 March 2016: New version

    New version Xeoma 16.3.1

    Improvements of the new Xeoma 16.3.1:

    Added support for FTP streaming from RVI-R16 DVR;
    Added possibility to turn off Xeoma’s automatic camera search if there is “_noscan” in the Xeoma’s executable file’s name;
    Fixed playback of archives when hardware acceleration for CUDA is enabled;
    Fixed issues with zoom when archive playback is paused;
    Fixed occasional hanging of the client part of Xeoma on Mac OS X.

    Download the new Xeoma 16.3.1!

    1 March 2016: New article

    Three best Xeoma Hikvision software programs!

    There are lots of indoor cameras on a market, however our customers usually use Hikvision brand. Good performance, night vision and build-in microphone are useful features, aren’t they? Let’s have a look what Hikvision software Xeoma recommend!

    29 February 2016: New article

    Choosing the right Android devices for live CCTV video with Xeoma IP surveillance

    There’s a plethora of cost-effective Android devices in the market nowadays, and you might be lost whether to choose an Android notebook, Android nettop or Android smart phone or digital tablet for your IP surveillance. But no matter what you choose, viewing live CCTV video from your cameras is easy with Xeoma! Learn more

    26 February 2016: New article

    Xeoma Foscam Software

    Foscam is one of the largest camera manufacturers in the world. Foscam security cameras users choose Xeoma very often, as they know that Xeoma is a great Foscam software, it fully supports all the cameras’ features.

    25 February 2016: New article

    How to choose surveillance camera

    Security cameras are powerful weapon against burglars and thieves. First of all, it can simply scare the intruder or if your home was burglarized, surveillance camera can help police to find the burglar.

    24 February 2016: New article

    Choosing a microcomputer for CCTV software

    When choosing a microcomputer for CCTV software system or other purposes, it’s essential to know all good and bad sides of the boards in the market. Many support Linux ARM compatible operating systems and can have Xeoma video surveillance installed on them. Yet there are a few differences… Learn more

    20 February 2016: New article

    Low-cost laptop video surveillance with Xeoma

    We thought it would be a good idea to show you how to set up a low-cost laptop video surveillance. This home security system can be used not only to nab burglars, but also to check how are your pets doing or assure you that your house is still standing.

    19 February 2016: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 16.2.19

    In the new beta version Xeoma 16.2.19 you will be able to control Xeoma on Android TV with a remote control.

    Universal Camera’s settings window is now even more comfortable to work with.

    Xeoma Pro’s export of the archive with re-encoding is fixed. And so is involuntary reset of settings in case Xeoma server crashes.

    Attention users of Xeoma Client for iOS! Due to changes in the program’s logic, the next version of Xeoma that we will upload to iTunes will not be fully compatible with Xeoma server parts older than 15.12.8 (viewing of archive recordings will not be available). We recommend you to update both server and client to the most up-to-date versions when they are released or, if that’s impossible, download the Xeoma Client for iOS now, while it’s still fully compatible with Xeoma servers of both old and new versions, and cancel the updates in Xeoma’s iTunes page afterwards.

    We hope that the new logic will make Xeoma better, and we kindly hope for your understanding. Hope you will like it! Download the new beta version Xeoma 16.2.19!

    8 February 2016: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 16.2.8

    New beta version Xeoma 16.2.8 features improved saving of recordings where buffering of data before saving onto disk was added. The Sending Email module was also improved: added preset configuration for Yandex mail. In Universal Camera an option was added to ignore camera’s audio stream if you don’t want to use it.

    As for fixes, we eliminated duplicating of keyboard symbols on slow computers. Give the new beta a try now!

    4 February 2016: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 16.2.4

    In new beta version Xeoma 16.2.4 you will find more fine tuning of your system: for example, in Archive and Preview settings added option to choose 400 GB value in archive’s maximum size setting.

    Also enhanced camera diagnostics: when rtsp URL is used for preview, you will get enhanced credentials diagnostics both in preview window and in settings dialog.

    Fixed stuttering of sound in latest versions of the program. Fixed crash with archive calendar.

    Also, great news is that Xeoma free Android app is now available from the Google Play!

    26 January 2016: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 16.1.26

    New beta version 16.1.26’s main improvement is if your camera only supports zoom but doesn’t support other PTZ functions, you will still be able to use camera’s zoom.

    New version also includes important fixes. For example, fixed zoom mode in Quick Settings Window. Fixed bug of when live view used to freeze after installation. Fixed bugs with archive in Multiserver mode. Fixed bug with the Motion Detector’s option “Detect only absence of movement”. And most importantly, we also fixed connection via Repeater for iOS Xeoma App. Also crashes connected to work with camera fixed for Android app.

    30 December 2015: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 15.12.30

    In the new beta version Xeoma 15.12.30 option to restrict usage of the “Object Detector”, “Face Detector”, “Privacy Masking”, “Fisheye Dewarping” modules was added in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud in addition to the previously supported restriction of “Unitor”, “Image Resize”, “Universal Camera”, etc. Also added is hardware acceleration for NVidia CUDA video graphics card in addition to the previously supported embedded Intel (for Windows only). Now, when available, you can turn hardware acceleration on for your NVidia CUDA in the settings of the “Universal camera” module. Added PTZ for Geovision sd220 camera. Work of Web Server in Firefox and Chrome is enhanced so that now Web Server’s direct MJPG link loads up in these browsers without errors.

    21 December 2015: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 15.12.21

    In the new beta version Xeoma 15.12.21 added improved decoding of H264 streams: now it’s done on the client side. It means that processor load of processing H264 (rtsp) streams will be shifted from the server to clients that request to view the stream, thus unloading the server and allowing it to connect to more cameras.

    An option to limit maximum parameters (bitrate and resolution) of H264 streams that subscribers can use is added for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud. Good news for owners of TrendNet TV-121WN camera: in Xeoma 15.12.21 added support for sound of this model. Usability is also enhanced: more precise information why archive might not be recorded is now shown on the preview.

    Further improvements of work with cameras include newly added option to not use camera’s sound stream if you don’t want to (find it in Universal camera settings). Also there is added option to not use camera’s PTZ if you don’t want to, or if it doesn’t have it yet Xeoma shows the PTZ control and it bothers you.

    Fixed bug in “Unitor” where both cameras would stop working if one of the cameras froze.

    8 December 2015: New version

    New Xeoma 15.12.8

    Xeoma 15.12.8’s changes:

    Improvements: Enhanced usability – when you turn off a camera manually in the settings, Xeoma will remind you of that showing this warning in camera’s preview box. Simplified tracking counter for moving objects in the Object Detector (instead of long numbers like before).

    Fixes: Fixed stuttering of sound in “Another Xeoma” and Multi-server mode. Fixed issue in “Save to File” of path not getting changed automatically when the type of stored files is changed. Fixed issue with motion not being correctly detected on D-Link cameras. Fixed freezing of client on Ubuntu during fast switching between single camera and multi cameras modes.

    23 November 2015: New version

    New Xeoma 15.11.23

    Xeoma 15.11.23 presents further modifications of the Free edition conditions: now it doesn’t offer features you wouldn’t need in a simple 2-cameras-installation to make it easier to use. Check full list of new Free edition’s features.

    Also enhanced is pre-record: now you can set it to up to 10 minutes. This will come in handy if you need to have recordings for some time in advance before the motion event started. Moreover, pre-record setting is moved to the corresponding destination module’s settings (Preview and Archive, Save to File, etc.) so now you can set different pre-record time, for example, for Email Sending, Archive and Save to File connected to the same Motion Detector.

    Letters sent with the Email Sending module now show what camera they come from. Fixed installation false error message that client cannot connect to the server, and Motion Detector’s current sensitivity level issue.

    20 November 2015: New version

    New Xeoma 15.11.20

    New version’s highlights: modification of Free edition’s conditions. Only modules of Lite version are now allowed in the Free edition. We fixed Problems Detector’s false alarms caused by camera’s Date and Time overlay, and the issue with sending notifications about appearance of a problem.

    Also fixed are issues with ftp upload and ptz on Mac OS, deletion of the “Preview and Preview” module, and crash that used to appear when camera was added in Xeoma Cloud.

    For more details please visit this page. Download the new Xeoma 15.11.20 here

    12 November 2015: New version

    New beta version Xeoma 15.11.12

    In Xeoma 15.11.12 we added color distinction for cameras in the multiple archives view mode. Every camera’s timeline is now of the same special color as its preview box frame. Work with cameras enhanced: now, when new cameras are added, lower resolution URL is set for ‘old’ cameras. It helps reduce processor load. Enhanced security: passwords are replaced with asterisks for password boxes.

    We also improved installation of new versions of Xeoma and fixed the scrolling crash in the filters settings.

    See more on the Changes History page. Download the new Xeoma 15.11.12 here

    6 November 2015: New version

    New Xeoma 15.11.6

    The new official version introduces 2 new modules. One of them – Face Detector – is available only in PRO edition and is meant for detection of human faces in the cameras’ field of view. It can be used to detect excessive presence of people where they are not supposed to be or, in reverse, detect if there are insufficient staff.

    The other new module – Object Detector – is available in the standard Xeoma edition. It’s an enhanced version of Motion Detector that will allow to follow objects around even if they are not moving, and distinguish separate objects from each other.

    Apart from that, the new version offers a few important bug fixes and usability improvements. See more on the Changes History page.

    Download the new Xeoma 15.11.6 here

    30 October 2015: New announcement

    Discontinued operating systems

    In the near future we are moving Xeoma to a new standard for more effective work. Unfortunately, it means that some of outdated operating systems will be no longer supported in the new versions of Xeoma. These operating systems are: Windows XP SP2 32bit, Mac OS X 10.6 or lower, Ubuntu 9.04, Android 2.3.2 or lower, iOS lower than 5.

    If you are using Xeoma on one of the listed OSes, please consider moving to its more recent versions, to be able to get new versions of Xeoma in the future. Alternatively, you can continue using Xeoma on the discontinued OS (old versions of Xeoma will still work) but make sure not to update Xeoma to new versions.

    We apologize for the inconveniences and hope that the new improved Xeoma will prove worth the trouble!

    26 October 2015: New version

    New Xeoma 15.10.26

    In this new version you will find support for maps in PNG and BMP format (in addition to the already supported JPG). Also improved was visualization of which archive is now being played alongside cameras live previews. Usability improvements include improved interface (now you can see options and modules available in other Xeoma editions) and automatic update improvements (once the trial version is activated, automatic updates for the server get turned off and you can enable it manually).

    Fixed installation issues (‘Run as superuser failed’ error on Raspbian and Debian) and bug of when Xeoma offered to repeat search for cameras although cameras were actually found.

    Download the new version here

    23 October 2015: New article

    Cheaper than DVR? Video surveillance with Raspberry Pi!

    In this manual we are going to disclose a secret how to make your video surveillance cheaper. For this you will need Raspberry Pi single-board computer, Xeoma and a simple IP camera.

    23 October 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.10.22

    In this new version we went even farther with Pro enhancements. Now the edition also includes the Privacy Masking module that allows to dynamically blur areas in view of camera that you are not allowed to record. The module will come in especially handy in countries when recording private property is illegal.

    We also enhanced regular Xeoma, namely work of FTP Upload module with several cameras (Falcon Eye, Tenvis).

    23 October 2015: New feature

    What is eMap and why do you need it?

    E-Map displays the monitoring area on an electronic map, by which the operator can easily find the cameras. Download the facility plan to the program and locate security equipment. Drag and drop camera icons on the scheme, name your cameras and specify each camera angle. To improve video surveillance effectiveness please use the built-in motion and noise detectors. As soon as one of the detectors will trigger, Xeoma will show you what is happening on the map. You will see the red sensor and can easily determine in which room there was a movement or noise threshold exceeded the limit. Navigate to camera preview in 1 second!

    Now video surveillance with Xeoma is even simpler, easier and faster!


    21 October 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.10.21

    New Xeoma 15.10.21’s improvements: added e-Map to place cameras on a map of the location and keep track of them (see it in Layouts menu), simultaneous view of multiple archives; view of a camera’s archive right on the Multi Cameras View Screen (main screen where all cameras are shown), and LDAP (user active directory) synchronization for more efficient system administration – one password for all services. All four are available in Pro edition.

    Regular Xeoma now has a command to activate and turn on Repeater – service for easy remote access – from the console. Installation dialog now offers to install just the server part of Xeoma by default. Connection dialog now “remembers” addresses you input, and warning and error messages on preview are now shown only when necessary. The re-index option in the archive viewer now works for all cameras at once. Fixed the black screen bug for Win XP. New variant of video retention period (40 days) added.

    Are you impressed? Download the new version here or from the program’s user interface.

    7 October 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.10.7

    Xeoma 15.10.7’s improvements: enhanced layouts’s custom-sized grid (‘Layouts’ menu in the lower panel -> ‘Larger grid mode’ -> Select the desired grid and mode) where you can view cameras in bigger slots. Another good news is that MJPEG cameras streaming over RTSP now can also be connected to Xeoma Cloud. This and all most important bug fixes and usability improvements are at your disposal in the new version. Download it here or from the program’s user interface.

    1 September 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.9.1

    New version Xeoma 15.9.1 is already available to try. This time we offer you few improvements – additional information of your camera in Universal Camera settings, fixed Archive sound issue and updated Android version. Learn more about the updates.

    27 August 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.8.27

    New version Xeoma 15.8.27 is ready to download! We have added support for Falcon Eye cameras. IP cameras’ diagnostic is improved. The issue with offline activation is solved. The problem with false triggering in Motion Detector is fixed. Learn more about this new version’s improvements.

    21 August 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.8.21

    New version Xeoma 15.8.21 is available to download! From now on Xeoma is available for Linux based on ARM processor (e.g. Raspberry Pi)! Also, the new version offers some fixes and improvements of Universal Camera settings, ANPR module and Motion Detector module in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud.

    14 August 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.8.14

    This new version Xeoma 15.8.14 contains new improvements and fixes. Thanks to new parameter for configs in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud you can now disable/enable CVS-reports saving. Users rights setting are more convenient now with the possibility to tick/untick options of cameras permissions separately. The issue with switching to a single camera view in Web Server has been fixed. Learn more about improvements here.

    8 August 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.8.7

    New version Xeoma 15.8.7 offers some fixes and improvements. For instance, now you can use individual settings for each user profile to save unique cameras order. Fixed are issues with the “ANPR”‘s detection methods, transparency in the multiserver mode, text overlays in the “Information” menu of a customized Xeoma, AAC sound crash, and updates crash on Windows. Also “Problems Detector” and “Visitor Counter” modules have been enhanced. Learn more

    27 July 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.7.27

    New Xeoma 15.7.27 features improvements of several modules’ work: “Email Sending”, “Archive” and “Problems Detector”. The work of multiserver mode is even more convenient now.

    22 July 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.7.22

    In this new version Xeoma 15.7.22 we have improved displaying of recognized license plate for Xeoma Pro users. Now you can update your server version automatically. Search by motion and motion visualization in the archive are once again available in the regular Xeoma (trial and commercial modes). The “Universal Camera”, the “Sending Email” and the “Problems Detector” modules have been upgraded. Learn about more changes and improvements. Download new version or update automatically from your Xeoma.

    13 July 2015: New article

    Hospital Security: Patient Monitoring

    A simple but effective patient monitoring system, even created with your own hands, could be a part of hospital security giving you piece of mind thanks to ability to check on a patient, especially high-risk patients, remotely once you have a free minute. Read more

    10 July 2015: New article

    Panic Button and Video Surveillance Software Xeoma

    Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable or unsafe to call for help outright in case not to escalate the situation. For such moments there is a panic button that allows a person under duress to quickly and silently call for help. Learn how to use a virtual panic button in Xeoma.

    7 July 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.7.7

    New version Xeoma 15.7.7 is already available! Better conditions for Xeoma Pro, new possibility to generate csv reports, enhancements of the ANPR and other modules, and even more. Update to the new version via the embedded updates or download it from our site!

    6 July 2015: New publication

    How to find the right security camera video management system

    A thorough comparison of most popular video surveillance programs in the market from the real user’s point of view. Must read for those getting to create their own do-it-yourself home video surveillance system.

    29 June 2015: New version

    Xeoma 15.6.29

    In this new version we have enhanced the customization tool adding more options for more efficient work.

    26 June 2015: New version

    New version Xeoma 15.6.26 is already released

    New version features modifications on all levels: new product (Xeoma Lite), new modules, enhancements of Xeoma Pro, Xeoma Cloud, all essential options and usability improvements! Full list here.

    22 June 2015: New article

    Nanny Cam – YES or NO?

    A nanny camera will give you a peace of mind when you leave your child with a babysitter. But before you install a camera, weigh all pros and cons and think whether it will help or hurt your situation.

    10 June 2015: New version

    New Xeoma 15.6.10 released

    New version’s improvements: digital zoom, PTZ tracking, support for H.265 cameras, Fisheye Dewarping, Problems Detector, Pop-up Window in Android and so much more!

    8 June 2015: New publication

    Hikvision IP cameras with Xeoma NVR software solution

    Xeoma makes it easy to manage your camera and if you have Hikvision IP cameras, it is the only one that displays/records correctly the streams (in addtion to Hikvision own software).

    3 June 2015: New publication

    Free home surveillance with DVR

    Xeoma + Chromecast = easy and enjoyable home surveillance. Check out this formula in the new guide!

    27 May 2015: New publication

    House safety with Xeoma

    Ease of installation and work with Xeoma Ubuntu Server with a few D-Link cameras is described in this review. It will guide you on how to can protect your house, for example to prevent stealing bank mails from the mailbox.

    15 May 2015: New publication

    Hikvision. Android. Xeoma

    New review is a case study of using Xeoma with a Hikvision camera on an Android device. 100% natural user experience.

    14 May 2015: New publication

    Counting cars with Xeoma

    With the help of a Motion Detector and your own script you can count cars in Xeoma! Learn how in this new article about Xeoma.

    13 May 2015: New article

    Security solutions for your business

    A good business owner is all out for protecting every aspect of it. Learn how to keep your business safe.

    13 May 2015: New article

    Proxy server setup in Xeoma

    If your Internet access is through proxy, you might want to set Xeoma up to work with that proxy. Xeoma can work in your LAN, without Internet connection, but it is needed if you want to activate your license or get an automatic update of your Xeoma. Read more

    30 April 2015: New article

    Button Switcher module

    This module allows for quick turning on/off of the modules in the chain connected after this module with the help of the button in the lower panel or option in Main menu. You will find more information in our article.

    17 April 2015: New article

    False Alarms Issues

    Trying to set your security system to work right? Tired of constant false alarms? Learn how to get rid of this problem with Xeoma Video Surveillance Software.

    16 April 2015: New article

    Sabotage detector: when video analytics help detect cameras being tampered with

    Have you ever considered the pros of having your cameras smashed? Our new article might be a revelation to you!

    • 25 February 2015: New Xeoma 15.2.25 version is released and ready to be downloaded now! In this version we have added the new “Image Rotate” filter module, Screenshot button for instant stills, Device List for easy management of cameras and groups, and many other features!

    • 11 February 2015: Special offer! Buy economy pack 1: 75% discount for renew license for 1 year when bought together with ordinary Xeoma license! Economy pack 2: 80% discount for renew license for 2 years when bought together with ordinary Xeoma license!
    • 19 November 2014: New version Xeoma 14.11.19 is released! Improvements: faster H264 archive, enhancements for multi-client systems, added “Sound detector”, option to restrict/allow export for users, possibility to move licenses to another server. Download it now and start using it today!
    • 22 September 2014: New beta version Xeoma 14.9.22 is finally available for download! New module, new options, new features, improvements of usability, Archive, Marking, Email Sender, Repeater, Xeoma Pro, and enhancements for resellers and enterprise-level security engineers – all this awaits you in the new beta version. Download it now and start testing it today!
    • 18 July 2014: New version Xeoma 14.7.18 is ready for download! Improvements: enhanced ‘smart’ search for cameras; updates period extension with 50% discount; and Catalan localization. Give the new version a try and experience its enhancements!
    • 23 June 2014: New Xeoma 14.6.23 is ready for download! Improvements: enhanced Universal camera (sound quality can be chosen), FTP upload, Email sending, Save to File modules, and export from the archive. Also, support for more PTZ cameras is added, so please give it a try!
    • 4 June 2014: New beta version Xeoma 14.6.4 is released! Download the new beta version and try its improvements – ONVIF detection of PTZ cameras, and archive enhancements – now!
    • 4 June 2014: New promo special offer: just contact us and get 1-day-trial period for Xeoma Cloud free of charge!
    • 13 May 2014: Please welcome the new version Xeoma 14.5.19! In it, we added 2 new modules; view of archives in web browsers; more customization options; and more! Also, check out our new Xeoma Cloud subscriptions and licensing, and helpful videos that will make Cloud your favorite video surveillance type! Download the new version and try it now!
    • 14 March 2014: Xeoma 14.3.14 is released! We are glad to introduce that Cloud mode interface was improved, as well as audio playback quality on Windows and Linux and compatibility with the D-Link DCS-3010 camera. Download the new version and try it now!
    • 7 March 2014: New manual on how to use Xeoma video surveillance software on Linux will give you an insight into what basic steps to use Xeoma on Linux OS are.
    • 7 March 2014: “My house is my castle”, are you sure? Many of modern houses are now equipped with the latest home security alarm systems, but it is important to put the security system in the right place in your house. How to find the right place and save the money? All answers are in our new article “Home’s weak points and protection“!
    • 18 February 2014: Xeoma Beta 14.2.18 is released! We are glad to introduce the newly added possibility to set up cameras and chains in Xeoma Pro Cloud right in subscribers’ settings files. With customization utility you can now make a customized “Client-only” version of Xeoma to connect to a certain server by default. Starting from Xeoma 14.2.18 Android version supports updates via its interface. Check out the rest of the improvements and download the new beta version now!
    • 11 February 2014: New version – Xeoma 14.2.11 – is released! New version improvements: now MJPEG streamed through RTSP protocol is supported, and you can use it in Xeoma Cloud as well. Also, password protection of the Main menu and Layout menu and some more IP and USB cameras are added. So download the new version now to try out the improvements!
    • 20 January 2014: New version – Xeoma 14.1.20 – is released and ready for download! In the new version we have added support for special symbols keyboard in Xeoma Android app, ability to select a video input for your TV tuner and add GPS coordinates and speed data to camera image with the new Marking option. Last, but not least, Xeoma is now fully supported on CentOS. Download the new version now to experience all it has to offer!
    • 14 January 2014: The experts predict city CCTV surveillance to continue being on the rise in the year 2014. What are the main reasons for that? How can city administration, businesses and residents benefit from city video surveillance? Find the answers in our new article “Public safety and the benefits of city CCTV surveillance“!
    • 27 December 2013: New version – Xeoma 13.12.27 – is released! New version, along with fixes and improvements, offers some changes: Cloud improvements – new FTP receiver module, export of MJPEG archives, and possibility to change password & add users. Also, Xeoma has been translated into the Czech language so czech it out!
    • 18 December 2013: If you want to save nerves, time and effort on setting the camera to work with video surveillance, the Cloud service + Xeoma’s FTP receiver module tandem will be exactly what you need! Read more in our new photo instruction article.
    • 22 November 2013: Official version Xeoma 13.11.22 is already on our website and ready for download! In this new version we have made sure your discs would be mounted in time to work with Xeoma, added Serbian and Greek localizations, and performed other improvements! Download the new vesrion now!
    • 20 November 2013: New article! Find out how video surveillance may help in increasing school security and keeping discipline!
    • 25 October 2013: Beta version of Xeoma 13.10.25 is up on our website and ready for download! We are happy to announce the new Xeoma PRO Cloud added to help you create your own cloud video surveillance service; some brand new improvements such as new customization options, archive improvements, Chinese and French localizations and even more! Full list of changes is here.
    • 23 October 2013: Xeoma is launching a new special offer for Instagramers! Get Xeoma licenses for free and have fun! Read more here.
    • 27 September 2013: Xeoma 13.9.30 is ready for download! In the new version: new archive interface with date/time selection and quick jump to next/previous motion, enhanced group settings and layouts, clipboard for Mac OS X version, customizing of web server pages, finer tuning of user rights, and support for user commands in autostart mode.
    • 3 September 2013: Xeoma 13.9.3 is released! It is now possible to save user’s cameras order. Only administrator can change the cameras order from now on. Plus, we are happy to announce we added a new localization – Finnish, and automated camera search has been improved as well. Download now!
    • 12 August 2013: We are happy to announce the new Xeoma version release! Xeoma 13.8.12: enhanced advanced camera search, elaborated user rights access, improved Preview mode – new cameras now added horizontally and an ability to change the order of preview images (drag and drop); and more.
    • 26 July 2013: New Xeoma version is released! Xeoma 13.7.26 – what is new: enhanced work with MJPEG/JPEG IP cameras; improved stability and crash protection (settings saving), enhanced Xeoma Android app (Android 2.3 support, more responsive sensor), improved direct recording of h264 stream into archive (and its further playback), perfected operation with a grand number of schemes (up to several thousands of cameras per 1 PC). Already available for download.
    • 4 July 2013: New version of Xeoma 13.7.4 is already available for download! Improvements: enhanced motion detector, archive (h264 cameras processing), added image resize module and possibility to change fps of real-time view from client part, and enabled client-server connection even when their versions differ.
    • 14 June 2013: The new unitor article will shed some light on how to use this module to combine several video and audio outputs into one.
    • 31 May 2013: The long-awaited improvements are ready to be tried out in new Xeoma 13.5.31: 1-year-long free updates, MP4 format for saving videos to view them even on mobile devices (e.g. iPhone or Android), improved work with multiple H264 cameras, “space left” setting in Archive, and enhanced group settings. Download the new version now!
    • 23 May 2013: Find out how you can use video surveillance in logistics and transportation business for loss prevention and investigation with our new article!
    • 17 May 2013: If you couldn’t use your camera for video surveillance because it uses a non-standard port for PTZ functions, Xeoma 13.5.17 will be your perfect choice. It allows to specify the port for PTZ cameras. Moreover, Xeoma can now be used on Ubuntu 13.04, and with more IP cameras. These improvements plus enhanced stability are waiting to be tried in the new version, available for download starting from today!
    • 30 April 2013: Are you ready for the new Xeoma 13.4.30 that offers group settings for modules, microphone modules that no longer are part of the sources-in-use restrictions, and the newly added Italian localization? Then you should definitely download it free of charge asap!
    • 19 April 2013: Xeoma 13.4.19 has many improvements that will help you conduct efficient yet stress-free monitoring. New version features new Unitor module to combine several sources into one, new service for sending text messages, full screen view of cameras (on Windows), PTZ horizontal/vertical image flip, and – as always – enhanced, even better work with cameras, this time those that work through rtsp. Get the new version now!
    • 5 April 2013: In the new Xeoma 13.4.5 we have implemented possibility to specify user permissions; added 1-click updates for Mac OS; added support for audio in more IP cameras; and enhanced web server flash broadcasting.
    • 22 March 2013: Xeoma 13.3.22 is ready! Simplified update process for both client and server parts, new FREE rebranding and customization utility, and modified left panel in Quick Settings window will make it easier to get the best of Xeoma!
    • 7 March 2013: Xeoma 13.3.7 is already released! What’s new: more possibilities to control modules in Quick Settings window, reduced CPU load when working with USB cams and web server modules, and Hungarian localization.
    • 22 February 2013: Xeoma 13.2.25 is released! In the new version you will find support for more IP cameras (including PTZ), enhanced ONVIF search, lower CPU load and advanced email settings for fine tuning of the system to meet your demands!
    • 8 February 2013: Xeoma 13.2.8 is available for download! New version improvements include added Multi-server mode (connection to multiple servers at a time) and Brazilian Portuguese localization.
    • 5 February 2013: Child’s safety and parental control – in our new article!
    • 25 January 2013: Xeoma 13.1.25 is available for download! New version improvements include added volume control, support for more IP cameras and Turkish localization.
    • 11 January 2013: Xeoma 13.1.11 is released. This version changes: improved Save to File module and archive (more user-friendly export and high-speed performance). Free download!
    • 21 December 2012: New version of video surveillance software Xeoma 12.12.21 is already available for download. Changes include added support for PTZ control and sound of some more cameras, support for Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 camera, and an opportunity to quickly add several cameras by IP addresses.
    • 19 December 2012: How text messages (SMS) notifications can help you save time and keep tabs on events detected by your video surveillance system? Find out in our article!
    • 7 December 2012: Xeoma 12.12.7 is released! New version changes: search for password-protected ONVIF cameras, support for Foscam PTZ cams, Romanian and Polish localizations and usability improvements.
    • 23 November 2012: With the new Xeoma 12.11.23, released this Black Friday, you will be able to watch video from your cameras with sound in web browsers and use more options of text messages (SMS) sending module to send and receive automatic notifications!
    • 9 November 2012: Please welcome Xeoma 12.11.9 with automated text messages (SMS) sending. The new version with improvements and innovations is already available for free download!
    • 26 October 2012: View of all cameras in a single web browser window, custom text in marking, language switcher and Ukrainian localization – these and many more improvements are at your disposal in the new Xeoma 12.10.26! Free download available!
    • 25 October 2012: Video surveillance of the car made extremely easy – our new step-by-step manual.
    • 23 October 2012: Learn the benefits of wireless video surveillance and how to do it on your own!
    • 12 October 2012: Export of an extract in specified format straight from archive, handy view of detected motion – these improvements and much more in the new version of Xeoma 12.10.12!
    • 10 October 2012: Read our new article Client-Server Architecture of Xeoma and share it with your friends!
    • 4 October 2012: Can you save money? Can you save money while maintaining a video surveillance system? Find out in our article How to save money with video surveillance.
    • 28 September 2012: Feel the new possibilities of sending video in H.264 to FTP or email; enhanced motion detector, scheduler and application runner; new marking module and much more with the new Xeoma 12.9.28.
    • 14 September 2012: Xeoma 12.9.14 has transferred video surveillance to a completely new level – cloud surveillance. Repeater has become re-installation-proof and help can be accessed more conveniently.
    • 31 August 2012: New Xeoma 12.8.31 offers quicker processing of jpeg pictures and thus lower traffic use on client part of Xeoma, interface improvements, support for ONVIF cameras, and of course the long-waited-for Help section! Download Xeoma 12.8.31 now!
    • 29 August 2012: Are you planning to create a video surveillance system, easy to maintain and economical to improve? Then choose ONVIF!
    • 22 August 2012: Multiply your schemes easily and quickly! Save your time and energy with new feature and new article about it.
    • 17 August 2012: New version Xeoma 12.8.17 offers usability improvements both for major and small surveillance systems: camera image slide show, cloning of set up cameras, enhanced scheduler. Welcome to download page!
    • 04 August 2012: Xeoma 12.8.4: new version = new opportunities! This time we’ve added possibility to take screen captures from several screens simultaneously! And we’ve changed our pricing policy which has now become even more tolerant and profitable for users! Take a look at new prices at purchase page!
    • 20 July 2012: Xeoma 12.7.20 has been released! Find out what’s new in this version here!
    • 13 July 2012: Major changes in interface of your favorite webcam software Xeoma! Don’t miss a chance to try the new, even more comfy design of Xeoma 12.7.13!
    • 22 June 2012: Long-waited-for enhancements and improvements are now available with the new Xeoma 12.6.22! Download it now for free!
    • 20 June 2012: Please welcome new article by FelenaSoft: How-to: Using of remote access in video surveillance. Remote access made truly easy.
    • 9 June 2012: Xeoma 12.6.9 released! In the new version: added support for IP cams, possibility to choose directory to save archive files and more detailed information about modules and how to use them. Download it now for free!
    • 7 June 2012: Another big sale for Xeoma coming! Don’t miss it!
    • 29 May 2012: New version of Xeoma 12.5.29 is already available for download! Pop-Up Window added, network load reduced when Xeoma is minimized, full support for USB cams on Mac OS X added.
    • 11 May 2012: Xeoma for Mac is ready to be downloaded. Professional-quality video surveillance now available for Mac users, too!
    • 11 May 2012: What surveillance is legal? Where is it prohibited? To find out, read our article Video surveillance laws and legality of surveillance.
    • 2 May 2012: Wonder how you can make a video surveillance for yourself? Read our article DIY video surveillance system to learn all the tips and tricks!
    • 28 Apr 2012: Xeoma 12.4.28 – FTP upload and screen capturing modules are now at your disposal! Another good reason to call Xeoma multifunctional and reliable video surveillance software!
    • 23 Apr 2012: Spring sale: exclusive possibility to buy Xeoma modules with 50% discount and Repeater service subscription for reduced price.
    • 13 Apr 2012: Isn’t Friday, 13 just a lovely day? If you use Xeoma Video Surveillance Software, even Black Friday is a safe and calm day. And if new version of Xeoma Video Surveillance Software is to be released on this day, it certainly only benefits. In Xeoma 12.4.13 you will find Repeater service to access and manage your system from everywhere in the world. Even being away you still are able to control your surveillance, easy and for just $5/month. Free trial of Repeater service applies!
    • 10 Apr 2012: Conditions for resellers have become more profitable! Discounts for modules up to 50%! Learn more in Special Offer section.
    • 30 Mar 2012: Full information, interesting hidden features, screenshots and guidelines on the advanced motion detector – all this and much more in our article dedicated to advanced options of Xeoma Motion Detector. A must read!
    • 30 Mar 2012: New version released: Xeoma 12.3.30! Advanced motion detector for precise accuracy.
    • 29 Mar 2012: Attention! Special offer expires in one day! Don’t miss your chance to buy modules with 50% off!
    • 21 Mar 2012: With Xeoma Vieo Surveillance Software you surely learnt to manage your expenses since Xeoma offers you to pay only for the needed functionality. Now you are also able to manage time with Xeoma. Xeoma Scheduler module will help you to organize surveillance when you need it. Once adjusted to your goals, Xeoma works fully automatically. Stop wasting precious moments. Learn how you can manage time with Xeoma Scheduler in our new article.
    • 19 Mar 2012: Sale! Up to March, 30 you are able to buy Xeoma Video Surveillance modules for half a price! 50% discount for any amount of licenses and modules, bought through service. Best time to decide in favor of professional-grade yet children-like simple video surveillance software. Details on the special offer here.
    • 16 Mar 2012: Xeoma 12.3.16 with simple yet functional Scheduler module is at your disposal. With its help you can easily define when modules, connected to it, are to start or end work – any time, any day.
    • 11 Mar 2012: Are you a Penguin fan? You are surely enjoying your Linux distribution and not going to switch from it. Good news for you – Xeoma supports Ubuntu, Mint and openSUSE so you can use it on your favorite OS. View screenshots and get more details in the article Save more with Xeoma and Ubuntu.
    • 7 Mar 2012: Another great feature that makes Xeoma professional-grade video surveillance software is web server and Another Xeoma modules. Xeoma web server article will give you a full insight about ways of application and using it.
    • 6 Mar 2012: Wonder what special can be about archive in video surveillance software? Xeoma has an absolutely unusual archive. Learn more about this feature in our Archive article.
    • 5 Mar 2012: Read our new article The impossible possibilities of Xeoma Video Surveillance Software. Learn more about powerful features of Xeoma.
    • 2 Mar 2012: New Xeoma 12.3.2 released! Added notifications (sound alarm, saving JPEG images and MJPEG videos to the user-specified path, e-mail sending, running a specified program) and source module for JPEG image displaying. Preview and archive filter upgraded (configurable maximum size of archive, size and compression rate of images stored to archive). Added OpenSUSE and Mint Linux distributions support.