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More detailed video tutorials on Xeoma Video Surveillance System you will find below

Detailed video tutorials for Xeoma Video Surveillance System

This Xeoma video tutorial shows basic principles of some of Xeoma Video Surveillance System key features in action and setting them up:

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Xeoma Video Surveillance System has a multi-featured archive. This video tutorial will show you what you can do with its help.

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With Xeoma’s embedded Web server that will help you view cameras in web browser even remotely, broadcast cameras, turn USB cameras into IP cameras, or add a live broadcast to a site or blog.

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Among other sophisticated features, Xeoma Video Surveillance System offers a possibility to combine several cameras to watch them in the archive at the same time. See how to do it.

It’s important that cameras are laid out on the main screen in the most convenient way for quick access and enhanced situational awareness. Xeoma Video Surveillance System offers various ways to help you have cameras correctly grouped and displayed.

e-Map function will help you to place cameras on a map of the location and keep track of them.

Visitors Counter module allows to count how many visitors were detected in the field of view of the camera, and show this information on preview.

FTP upload module allows you to upload an image or video file to a specified FTP (SFTP)-server.

You can monitor remotely in real-time or view archive from any place in the world by connecting to your Xeoma server wherever it may be located.

Free edition is basic. In this edition you can use up to 8 video sources and up to 3 modules per scheme.

Trial edition has no limitations in functionality, number of video sources or modules but all settings will be reset in 4 hours and will not be saved at program restart. Please note, due to trial version limitations you can store your Archive for only 1 hour. If you need more time to test Xeoma before you buy, simply contact us.

In commercial edition with its license-limited number of cameras you will be able to build chains of any length, complexity, configuration, i.e. containing as many modules as required to make your system perfect.

Lite version lets you use up to 4 video sources (cameras) and up to six modules in each scheme. This version should be activated with the Xeoma Lite license. Xeoma Lite doesn’t support updates of the program, and renewals are not applicable. You can use the version that you activated Xeoma Lite on for unlimited time.

New service – Xeoma Cloud – allows you to conduct 24/7 video surveillance without the troubles of maintaining it. Footage is stored securely on our Cloud. Learn how to set up Xeoma Cloud for you once you have a subscription.

Learn more about Xeoma Cloud and buy subscriptions

Xeoma Pro is a professional extension to regular Xeoma Video Surveillance System that helps you create your own cloud video surveillance. It can be also used to get an insight into how Xeoma Cloud works.

With the license plate recognition system You can easily automate the entry to the any enterprise territory. You no longer need to issue passes for customers and monitor if anyone has lost it. Your car license plate is your pass.

View screenshots of Xeoma webcam surveillance software.

Visitors counter will help you to measure the number of visitors in a given area!

Smoke detector ensure the earliest possible detection of the fires and, most importantly, safety for both you and your property.

Privacy Masking module allows to dynamically blur the areas that you are not allowed to record. It will especially help if your camera’s view is catching private property of someone (your neighbors house, for example).

Detector of Abandoned Objects will determine if an object in camera’s field of view is left unattended for an unacceptable amount of time, and trigger pre-set reactions.

In this video you will learn how to export and save settings in Xeoma.

View screenshots of Xeoma webcam surveillance software.

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