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Overview of Xeoma webcam software


Modular construction-set video surveillance. Easier than LEGO.

Developed by the "FelenaSoft" company, Xeoma is one of the world's best and the most popular video surveillance software! Intuitive interface, based on the modular construction set principle, makes its setup flexible, simple and even fun!

Types of cameras supported by Xeoma webcam software Supported cameras: 430 brands, thousands of models. New added every day. Fast addition of yet un-supported cameras.
MJPEG, MPEG-4, JPEG, H.264, H.265, Fisheye, PTZ, WiFi/wired...
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Operating systems supported by Xeoma webcam software Works on Windows, Linux, Linux/ARM, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
Also available for no-shell operating systems
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Download Xeoma webcam software

Why Xeoma?

Xeoma - is the axiom of state-of-the-art flexible video surveillance.

Xeoma is...

- the most intuitive interface: visual connection of functional modules - easier than children's construction set!
- greatest number of supported operating systems.
- greatest number of modules available in the basic version, and flexible settings of modules' connection to realize even most unusual video surveillance aims.




up to 3000
cameras per server
brands supported
established in
46 000
downloads per month

Easy start in 1 second

Xeoma is ready to work right after it's downloaded. No installation, no admin rights required. Download - launch - work.

Xeoma works on your computer. No Internet access is needed for work. Alternatively, if you don't want to have computer running 24/7, you can get Xeoma Cloud subscription, and let the Cloud do all the work.

Smart detectors

Smart motion detector with anti-false alarm logic, detection of sound, of problems arisen with cameras or system will help you stay in tune with what is going without much time and effort spent. Visualization of detected movement in preview and in the archive..

Instant notifications

Get notified about suspicious activity to your phone via SMS, email, pop-up window, push notifications for Android; upload footage automatically to FTP or Cloud safe storage. Or let the sound alarm scare the intruder away!

Professional features with child's easiness

Shared access rights for users and operators (separate access permissions to cameras, settings, etc.), encryption, password protection, network clustering (uniting and view of several servers), also on operating systems without graphical shell, make monitoring efficient and stable even for professional-scale surveillance systems. Work with bulk cameras is easier than ever.

Remote access in 1,2,3

View and control Xeoma remotely from anywhere. Install Xeoma on your computer, make sure it's accessible from the outside Internet and connect from a remote location! View cameras and archives via Xeoma Client or browser. No static IP address? No problem!

Also available synchronization with LDAP active directory.

Xeoma webcam software has visual interface Xeoma webcam software can be used for large and small systems Xeoma webcam software is easy to set up

Easy work with many cameras

With Xeoma you can connect up to 3000 cameras of 430+ brands per single server. Advanced auto search will find and connect cameras in your network. Not what you need? Find cameras with the "Search by IP/password" option in the + menu.

Xeoma has many tools to manage your cameras in bulk:
- sample chains with presets in the module panel,
- mass setup with the Group Settings in each module,
- Device List - list of all cameras with quick jump to the selected one,
- Layouts - division cameras into groups to show on main screen,
- eMap - interactive map of the surveillance site,
- simultaneous view of several archives.

Store recordings where you need them

Whether you need on-site or off-site storage of your video surveillance recordings, leave it to Xeoma! Recording to multiple disks, RAIDs, NAS, Google Drive, synchronization with camera's SD card, or off-site storage to FTP server or Xeoma Cloud. Multiple formats available including MP4, AVI, WMV, JPG, and cutting edge VP8 and VP9.

Xeoma doesn't duplicate records on its server, the exception is Xeoma Cloud, where the recordings are stored to our server.

Intellectual modules and features

- Integration with 'Smart home' automation systems,
- synchronization with cashier registers,
- privacy masking,
- automatic object tracking (with zoom) and visualization of moving objects on preview and in the archive viewer,
- search for motion events by time or in selected area,
- visitors counting and reports, smart system health monitoring,
- Fisheye dewarping and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom)
- possibility to create your own cloud service and sell subscriptions to your customers complemented with free rebranding,
and more yet to come! Requests are welcome!


Questions about Xeoma Choosing a camera Remote access in 1,2,3 System requirements calculator


Popular scenarios

Airport video surveillance

Video surveillance in hospitals

Home secutity systems

Video surveillance for office

Security systems in educational institutions

Admin management of video surveillance

Operators of video surveillance systems



100% satisfaction guarantee: try all Xeoma products before you buy to ensure it works for you Free tech support even if you don't yet have a license yet! Remote desktop available. Contact us by phone, email, skype or online chat. Free of viruses, adware, malware or spyware. Guaranteed. Your payments are safe - PayPal and myCommerce guarantee that. No extra fees, no hidden payments!

Xeoma will be your personal guardian angel ensuring your safety and solving your video surveillance needs.

Our highest priority is your satisfaction. Tell us how to make Xeoma more interesting for you.

Can't find what you need because of richness of features in Xeoma? Ask us!


Mobile view available for Android, iPhone, iPad and other devices! Xeoma - webcam security software with a handy device list for grouping of cameras and easy navigation Xeoma - webcam security software with a handy device list for grouping of cameras and easy navigation



With love to customers
We love giving gifts to our customers We love giving gifts.
Buy Xeoma licenses via PayPal and get 14 days of usage of Xeoma Cloud and Repeater for free.



Modes of work

Xeoma can work in free, trial, commercial modes.

Free edition lets you use 8 video sources and up to 3 modules in each scheme. Remote connection TO Xeoma in the free mode is unavailable. View other limitations

Trial edition has no limitations in functionality, number of video sources or modules but all settings will be reset in 4 hours and will not be saved at program restart. After the reset you can re-configure Xeoma trial and continue using it. Do it as many times as needed. Archive retention period: up to 1 hour before overwriting. Remote access allowed.

You can switch between modes via Main Menu -> Information or Main Menu -> Information -> About.

To switch to the commercial mode (regular, Lite or Pro) you will need to buy a license. Detailed comparison of modes


Why Xeoma?

The most popular software in the world Xeoma for flexible video surveillance, easier than LEGO! Xeoma is the axiom of state-of-the-art flexible video surveillance.

Xeoma is...

- the most intuitive interface: visual connection of functional modules - easier than children's construction set!
- greatest number of cameras available in the free mode - 8, unlimited time of work and no advertising.
- greatest number of modules available in the basic version, and flexible settings of modules to realize even most unusual video surveillance aims.
- greatest number of supported operating systems - cross-platform software that works on all Windows from XP to 10; on the majority of Linuxes; Mac OS, Android, iOS (only preview), ARM (micro computers).
- greatest number of supported cameras (more than 430 brands).
- greatest number of types of supported cameras including h.264, h.265, mjpeg, jpeg, mpeg2, mpeg4, rtsp, wifi, Fisheye (and dewarping), PTZ (and object tracking), USB.
- greatest number of cameras that can be connected to one server (more than 1000) + multiple server connection.
- the most responsive technical support. Quick and efficient.
- the lowest prices for professional video surveillance and powerful possibilities.
- the most efficient and the easiest terms for resellers, no entering conditions. Discounts 20% - 50% and even more for manufacturers of video surveillance equipment.
- the most functional cloud video surveillance system (VSaaS) and what-you-see-is-what-you-get conditions (unlike other VSaaS that only offer a simplified motion detector and lots of extra/hidden payments).
- the most flexible rebranding for the program: change not just name and company information, but also interface of the program.
- most rapidly developed program - new version every week, with new features being added.
- standalone or cloud video surveillance at your choice. Easy to create and manage your own cloud video surveillance system or use our Cloud.
- flexible management via API to programmable setup of cameras, management of external devices, from external devices, including "smart home" systems. Flexible setup for access rights through LDAP.

Detailed infographic why Xeoma is your best choice here

Not ready to buy yet? Use the various possibilities to try Xeoma for free. Money back guarantee.


Beneficial conditions for resellers

20% comes back to you as licenses when simply contacting us via email

30% discount when paying through invoice, any sum of money

40% when paying through invoice for purchase over $2000

50% when paying through invoice for purchase over
$10 000

Special conditions for manufacturers, more discounts, free rebranding


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Xeoma Pro

Offers you an incredible opportunity to have your own cloud video surveillance server and offer it to your clients as well as professional features like PTZ control through web browser, visualization of movement in archive, RTSP streaming, button switcher for immediate turn on/turn off, and many more.

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Xeoma Cloud

Allows you video surveillance even if you only have a camera! Say no to having a computer on site running 24/7, maintenance costs or efforts. Say yes to off-site safe storage, clear conditions and easy access of Xeoma Cloud!

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Xeoma Lite

Xeoma Lite is a simplified version of the Xeoma video surveillance program for small and medium size business and home users. Xeoma Lite includes the most essential and easy to use modules. If the Xeoma commercial version seems to be expensive or too complicated, try Lite.

More about Lite

Emap screenshot Motion serach in the archive Motion detector monitored zone


What's new

18 May 2016: New beta version Xeoma 16.5.18 is released: added settings backup and export/import, export of several...
8 April 2016: New official version Xeoma 16.4.8 is already available for download! It features improvements for Android...
10 March 2016: Our new article will tell how to use Xeoma as screen recording software
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