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Get 10% cashback in real money for referrals

Earn real money by recommending Xeoma to others!

Tell your friends, clients and acquaintances about Xeoma and earn a percentage off their purchases. You can simply inform us when they buy something on your advice and receive 10% of their purchases.

Here are the requirements*:
1) You get 10% of every purchase.
2) You must inform us of a client’s purchase no later than 1 business day after the purchase. Your message must contain the following information:

    a) purchase date and sum,
    b) the buyer’s email (the one they used to activate Xeoma),
    c) your Paypal email, where we can send your money.

3) You will receive your earnings by Paypal transaction once the total sum of purchases reaches $500, starting with the 3rd client (usually in the beginning of the next month).
4) Purchases of Xeoma licenses must be for retail prices, without any discounts.
5) Minimum cashback sum of money is $100.
6) You must be an active reseller or distributor. Your earned cashback sum of money will burn (disappear) if you haven’t made any sales during 3 months after the previous sale.


*Attention: you must fulfill ALL the requirements.
This special offer only covers purchases of Xeoma itself undiscounted. Services like Xeoma Cloud, Repeater, etc. are not subject to this special offer. This special offer does not cumulate with other offers and discounts.


If you have any questions regarding this special offer, please feel free to contact our support team.