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Free Repeater subscription with every Xeoma Pro license purchase

Christmas and New Year are approaching rapidly, decorations are everywhere, and yet you still don’t get into that special magical spirit? Our special offer will help you:

Up until December, 31 2016 you will get a free 4-months Repeater subscription with every Xeoma Pro license you purchase.

Right after you get the letter with your license and instruction, a new letter will arrive from us with your new Repeater data.

Repeater is a service that will help you access your computer with Xeoma program even if it is not available from Internet. With Repeater service enabled in Xeoma you can access your cameras, archives or settings remotely from smartphones (including iPhone, Android), tablets (iPad and Android tablets) and simple remote PCs.

All you need is to enable this service in Xeoma’s server part and use the Repeater connection data in a client. The pleasant thing is that Repeater works for all your cameras connected to the server part – you will see them all.


Christmas and New Year is the time to travel, feel and live. Spend it in the cozy company of family and friends, explore new places and emotions, but don’t spend these magical moments to worry about safety of your home. Wherever you are, with the Repeater, you can peek in to see it’s all OK and safe.

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Published on: December, 1 2016