Download free version of Xeoma video surveillance software

Here you can download completely free video surveillance software (Xeoma’s Free edition) for unlimited number of cameras!

Free version for viewing of unlimited number of cameras allows you to use up to 3 modules in your scheme, offers you unlimited usage time and has persistent settings. Maximum 4 Preview and Archive modules, maximum 4 Sending Email modules are available. No remote access is available. Read more

Here’s how to get Xeoma Free edition:

1. Download Xeoma for your operating system from Xeoma official page.

2. Windows and Android: add the word “free” as it is done in the example below:
Windows: xeoma_win64.exe -> xeoma_free_win64.exe
Android: xeoma_android.apk -> xeoma_free_android.apk

For MacOS / Linux / Linux/ARM: unpack the downloaded Xeoma archive with your system tools. After unpacking, add the word “free” in the name of that unpacked executable file as it is done in the example below:
MacOS: -> xeoma_free_mac64.dmg
Linux: ->
Linux/ARM: -> (and similar for other ARM versions)

3. For Windows / Android / MacOS / Linux / Linux/ARM: launch the renamed Xeoma executable file on your device.

4. Done! The program will launch in the Free edition that can be used perpetually.


Xeoma is free of ads. If you like it, please support further development – buy a license.
Help Xeoma grow faster – recommend it to your friends!


The Free version contains the “Please activate” appeal but it does work without activation or licenses. If you want to support Xeoma development and upgrade your Xeoma to a commercial mode, you can buy and activate Xeoma license.
See also: Comparison of Xeoma editions


xeoma_advice_icon Free Xeoma apps for mobile devices are available in Google Play, Huawei AppGallery and AppStore. Search for Xeoma free app in the app store of your device.


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