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Types of KnownCalls, the free call blocker app for Android

Are you on the lookout for a high quality, high reliability and high safety app to block unwanted calls for your Android phone? The solution is of course KnownCalls!

‘Yes, but which KnownCalls?’ — you might ask. Indeed, KnownCalls app comes in two types, so you might rightfully wonder what the difference between them is. This article will highlight what each of the KnownCalls type is for, and help you get the best protection against spam and fraud calls or SMS!

Two types of KnownCalls: what’s the difference

So at this moment there are two KnownCalls app versions: one of them can mute SMS from ‘wrong’ senders, and the other one cannot. The infographics below will explain it further and help locate which app store they can be downloaded from.

Two types of KnownCalls explained


As you can see from the picture the first form in which you can get KnownCalls is the full version that, besides being able to block calls from unknown numbers (or from a specific list of numbers that you don’t want to bother you), can also mute text messages from them. What it means is SMS from unknown senders will be received silently – even if the phone is in one of ‘loud’ modes – while text messages from numbers that are in your Phone Book will be coming with your usual notification profile. This way you will no longer be distracted by call or SMS spam, while staying in touch with everyone who is important, including still being notified about texts from them.

The second form of KnownCalls is the light version with just the call blocking part but without the SMS muting part. This version is as effective is blocking unknown calls as the full version, so the difference is just in not having the SMS silencing function. You can freely select this version if what you are interested in is just the call blocker without the SMS silencing function.

So, if there’s a full version, what is the light version good for? The answer is the light version is also more lightweight, and doesn’t require additional permissions related to SMS like the full version does. So the version without SMS has its own advantages as well.


Whatever KnownCalls version you choose, you will get reliable, instantaneous, and free of charge protection against fraudulent and spam calls, one that is easy to set up and cares about your digital imprint so it doesn’t collect or send your data anywhere. The rest is your call!

February 8, 2024

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