Internet Dialer

«Internet Dialer» settings.

Built-in dial-up service (Internet Dialer) allows Webcam Looker connect to Internet using selected connections (from system Internet connection list: modem or DSL connections). You can use this service if you have no permanent Internet connection or if Internet tariff depends on Internet spending time (not of Internet traffic). And vice versa, if needed, this service allows your computer to keep permanent Internet connection with using of selected connections. In this case Webcam Looker keeps permanent connection to Internet by trying to reconnect every time the connection break. And, with enabled Web server (and, if need enabled dynamic IP service) this allows you to access cameras at your computer anywhere from Internet.

For example, you have no permanent Internet connection, but you have one or multiple connections (using modem or DSL) which you use to connect Internet. So, if you also want to download some URL (like Internet web camera images) every 10 minutes, in this case you not need to have permanent Internet connection. Webcam Looker will automatically connect to Internet for URL downloading and then disconnect it after use.

So, the built-in dial-up service can automatically connect Internet every time it need (for URL downloading, HTTP-uploading, FTP-uploading, email sending, SMS sending, etc).

To setup built-in dial-up service go to «Settings -> General» and press button «Dial up settings». In dial-up setup dialog you have to select some or all connections from list «Existing connections» and add them to list «Connections to use» using button «Add». Specify login and password for every connection. Use button «Test connection» if you not sure about login and password correct.

Field «Break connection after use». If checked, forces Webcam Looker to break connection every time after use (use this feature if your Internet tariff depends on Internet spending time and not depends on Internet traffic).

Field «Keep permanent connection». If checked, forces Webcam Looker to keep Internet connection alive as soon as possible. If connection breaks it will try to reconnect. You can use this feature while built-in Web server is running (for sources images or/and some your web pages publishing).

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