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Special Offer: Fair Review Brings License To You

Have you found something in Xeoma you can talk about for hours? Is there a lot on your mind on video surveillance, but you haven’t found the right way to word it for an article? Have you ever created a review for a product that made an impression on you? This time, you can do it with benefits – this special offer is for you!

Leave a review of Xeoma on a website dealing with video surveillance and get a license for 2 cameras, FREE of charge.


The website must be active.
The review must contain at least 150 words.
The review must be unique: you may not copy the materials from our Official Site or any other sources (including partial or complete translations). Your creative ideas will be greatly appreciated.
The review must remain on the website for no less than 3 days before submission.

Once the terms are met, let us know via this contact form and provide the active link(s). Our team will contact you shortly to congratulate you and present you with a brand new Xeoma Standard license for 2 cameras.

If you have questions regarding our special offer, please contact us through our contacts form. We will also be glad to discuss your suggestions and get your feedback!

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