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Screenshots of Xeoma surveillance software

View videos of Xeoma surveillance software.


Xeoma surveillance software meets requests of all of those who want to have their security under control. Xeoma is designed to be an easy surveillance software for everyone to use, regardless of whether they do or do not have video monitoring background. Flexible settings and increased configurability make this application efficiently address your goals. You can use an unlimited number of video sources simultaneously.

Xeoma - video surveillance software. Main view

Xeoma - video surveillance software. Quick settings

Xeoma - video surveillance software. Settings dialog

To set your camera up, just click on the Settings menu. You can either enter your USB or IP camera (both wired and wireless cctv supported), or select Random IP camera option to watch world webcams online.

Xeoma - video surveillance software. Camera settings

Xeoma has an automatic advanced motion detector in case you only need your cam to start recording if there is motion registered in certain areas. Use brush to select an area of any shape and size where motion should be monitored and choose desired sensitivity level to avoid unnecessary alerts in your highly effective video surveillance software.

Xeoma - surveillance software. Motion detector

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Xeoma's handy archive has a built-in media player. You can control your cameras in the real time mode or view archive recordings with sound and audio while recording continues.

Xeoma - webcam surveillance software. Archive

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Xeoma can also be installed on Linux without a graphical shell. On the screenshot below you can see what Xeoma webcamera surveillance software looks like on such Linux.

Xeoma - webcamera surveillance software installed on Linux without a graphical shell

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Starting with Xeoma 12.5.11, Xeoma has support for Mac OS X. On the screenshot below you can see how Xeoma looks on Mac.

Xeoma installed on Mac

From July 2015 Xeoma is available for iOS devices. Have a look at screenshots for iPad and iPhone.

Xeoma - video surveillance software. Cams live view on iPad

Xeoma - video surveillance software. Archive view on iPhone

You can also view videos of Xeoma to learn how to use it and learn about some of this webcam surveillance software's key features in action.

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