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Remote access options

Remote access options

Xeoma offers several approaches for the remote view: client-server connection, repeater function and browser viewing.

Client-server connection

Using this type of connection you will be able to view cameras and archive, change settings.

This type of connection works only if your PC, where Xeoma is installed, has the static IP address.

You need to install Xeoma on the PC #1 (server).

Run Xeoma on the PC #1. It will be the server part. Click 'Install' in installation menu below the main window (or field of work). Make sure 'Server autostart’ and 'Hidden mode' boxes are checked.

Write down the password for the remote access to server. Press “OK” button to install the server. Xeoma server, configured to "autostart on reboot" will work on any reboot.

You can also change the remote access password.

Xeoma server part installation

On PC #2 you need to open Main menu -> Remote access -> Connect to and type PC #1 IP address and password.

Xeoma remote view setup

Multi-server mode

Multi-server mode is very useful for the control of large holdings with offices in different cities around the world and a multi-level control system. In such systems, servers might located in different locations geographically, and even in different cities. With Xeoma's Multi-server mode you can connect to all of them at a time and/or switch between the offices to get the full insight and raise the efficiency of monitoring. Simply add all server you'd like to connect to to the list in Main menu -> Remote access -> Multi-server mode.

If, for example, you need to view cameras from several servers at a time, then view cameras from several other servers, and then reconnect to the first group of servers, you can use grouping in Multi-server mode for quick access this or that group of servers. This configuration can be done in two ways.

Method #1

Add all servers you'd need to connect at various times. To do this, enter the servers' IP address, port and password in the field "List of Xeoma servers to connect to", and then click "Add server".

Multi-server mode

Then, when all servers are added, add the names of the groups. Enter a new name in the "List of server groups to connect to" instead of the name that is already there, and click "Add group".

Multi-server mode

Now when you have added all the servers and groups, we turn to fine-tuning the groups. Open a group, and remove unnecessary servers, that you will not need this group to connect to, from the list (it does not affect the server lists for other groups). Do the same for other groups, leaving only those servers inside a group that you'd want to connect to when you select this group.

Multi-server mode

Method #2

It is suitable for those who have just a few servers and only several groups to connect. You can add the name of the group and immediately add all the needed servers to it.

Multi-server mode
Multi-server mode


If you don’t have the static IP address, you can use the ‘Repeater” function. Using this type of connection you will be able to view cameras and archive, change settings.

The ‘Repeater’ function is available 10 min per day for free. You can buy monthly or yearly subscription.

You also need to install Xeoma on the PC #1 (server).

Then you should go Main menu ->Remote access -> Repeater setup

Address and password for ‘Repeater’ will be generated automatically. Please make sure the box ‘Repeater is on’ is checked.

Repeater function setup

Write down the repeater’s address and password.

On PC #2 run Xeoma and go to Main menu ->Remote access -> Connect to

Type the password and address.

Xeoma server part connection setup via Repeater

If you have difficulties with Repeater activation, please try to temporary turn off or uninstall your antivirus. Then activate Repeater and turn on (or install) antivirus again.

You can also watch the videotutorial on how to work with the ‘Repeater’.

How to activate the Repeater?

To activate the Repeater license сhoose the "Subscription" option, enter your serial number and click "Activate" button.

How to activate Repeater

Browser view

If your PC has static IP address we recommend to use browser view for mobile devices. You will be able to view cameras both in real time and archive.

For this option you will need to use ‘Web Server’ function.

Connect the ‘Web server’ module to the camera in chain. Enter its settings, where you will find the links (URLs) to access various streams - JPEG images, MJPEG video, Flash video with sound, web server general page to view all cameras that have a ‘Web server’ module connected to them on this computer.

Please note that by default the links are for view from within the same network; that's why there contain "localhost". For remote view from outside of this network you need to replace localhost with the computer real static IP address.Note: the links are not editable within Xeoma. If required, you should edit the IP address in the web browser address bar or in a text editing program.

URL setup in Web Server mode

Copy the needed link and paste it into the Browser.

Paste URL into the browser

You can also watch the videotutorial on how to work with the ‘Web server’.

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