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Tips on reducing CPU usage, memory load and required disc space

Tips how to reduce CPU usage, memory load and required disc space

CPU usage will be significantly lower if you use MJPEG stream for view and storing to the archive (or just viewing). Learn how to reduce CPU load in this article.

RAM usage can be great if per-record option in Motion Detector is used. If the load is too high for the machine, turn the option off.

HDD space: storage capacity depends on many factors in the field of the view, but remember that required disc space can be reduced by setting up motion and day detectors, or with scheduled recording. Another option is to use Saving to File module to save videos with other codecs (for example, highly compressive H.264) - this way videos won't take so much space but will not be played with the built-in player of Xeoma either. Or, if yours are rtsp (H264) cameras, you can use direct saving to archive without re-encoding.

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