Updates settings

«Updates» settings.

«Check for updates» button - allows to manually check for new versions, and to update to latest version, if available.

Updates automatically - switch to fully automatic mode, in which program checks for new versions, downloads and install its automatically, without user interacting. It restarts itself when necessary with continue of its operating. With this mode you will always have a latest version of the program and all its components installed on your computer automatically.

Notify about new versions or new components available - automatically checks for new versions of programs and its components, and show reminding dialog window about new version available. From that window you can download and install new version, ask to remind later, or change to another updates mode.

Notify only about new versions available - automatically checks for new versions of programs, but shows reminding dialog and show reminding dialog only about new versions of the program, but not new components available (and does not download them). This mode will remind rarely than the mode above.

Do not check for new versions - disables checks for updates and remind window. In this mode you will not be notified about new versions of this program. In this case it is recommended to check for updates periodically - by manually clicking on «Check for updates» button. As an alternative to this, it is better to use Next remind date to configure a date when you would like to be notified next time.

Next remind date is useful to delay or change a date, when you would like to be notified about new updates again.

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