Scheduler settings

«Scheduler» settings.

Every source can have its own scheduler.

To change or view scheduler's settings for a selected source - press button «Scheduler» at «Sources» tab (of Settings dialog). You will see a scheduler dialog with table of tasks for the current source. To add, edit or delete a task, please use appropriate buttons under the table.

«Task» settings (task - is one scheduler rule).

In dialog «Task settings» you can to specify the next parameters:

Task Periodicity - one of the values: «Never», «Once», «Every day» or «By days». Where, «Never» - means, that the task will never be executed (use this value only if you plan to use this task in the future, but now you don't want this task to work). «Once» - means that the task will be executed only once and will never repeat. «Every day» - means that the task will be executed every day in the specified time interval (for example, for recording morning news while you are sleeping or working). And, «By days» - allows to specify days when you want to execute the task (for example, for recording TV programs only by Sundays).

Task start time - date and time of the beginning of task executing.

Task end time - date and time of the finishing of task executing.

Source mode - mode to which the source will be turned during task is executing. Here you can specify one of four options: «Don't change», «Preview only», «Continuous recording» and «Motion detector». «Don't change» - means that source will not change the mode while task is executing, i.e. the source will work in mode which is selected in the source settings tab. «Preview only» - means that source will turn to preview mode (in this mode source only shows it's image on the main window, i.e. no destinations will work). «Continuous recording» - turns source to continuous recording mode (accordingly, all destinations for this mode will be activated). At this mode you can also specify additional video recording to archive or to any directory you like (see below). Finally, the «Motion detector» - turn the source into motion detector mode (all destinations for this mode will be activated).

TV-channel - channel of TV-tuner to be switched on (available TV-tuner sources only).

Video recording settings - allows an additional video recording while the task is working. Here you can choose one of three options: «No video», «Write video to archive» and «Write video to my folder». The «No video» - does not do any additional video recording. «Write video to archive» - allows to record a video and save it to the archive for the current source (to find this videos in the future you can use button «Archive» from the main window, in appeared archive dialog select «Video archive» tab, then select a required source and time period for searching). «Write video to my folder» - allows you to record video and save it to any folder you want (use button «Browse» to specify the folder).

Attention! Additional video recording is available only if selected source mode is «Continuous recording» (see above).

Advice: If you want to record additional video - select video and audio codecs (encoders) to reduce required disk space for video.

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