Main window

Main window of the program at the first start will open as a separate window.

Main menu.

At the bottom of the program window the main menu buttons are located: «Settings», «Archive», «About», «Help», and arrow-buttons «Previous» and «Next» (used for switching between pages with multiple sources).

«Settings» - opens settings dialog, used for configure the program, sources, destinations, motion detector, marking, interfaces, etc.
«Archive» - is used for view video and photos stored at archive. All images processed are saved there.
«About» - shows information about the program and allows to activate it.
«Help» - will open Help with detailed description of the program and its settings.

Each source window can be moved by mouse, resized with mouse by left-bottom edge, and maximized/restored by mouse double clicking.

Popup menu is accessible by mouse right-button click. This menu allows to start/pause selected source, save currently viewing image to archive or selected file, save video, etc.

In the titlebar (most top part) of the main window control buttons are located: «Minimize», «Maximize», «Close».

Window position can be moved on the screen by dragging with mouse of its titlebar.
Window can be resized by any edge and border.
Skin of the window can be changed from menu: Settings -> General -> Skins.

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