Installation and starting of the program

Installation of the program will not take much of your time and attention — the program carries out all necessary procedures automatically.

The program can be started the following ways:
  1. Double-click on the program icon at desktop;
  2. Double-click on the program icon in tray;
  3. By right mouse click on the program icon in tray, and choosing «Show» in the appeared menu.

To force WebCam Looker to run for specified amount of time without GUI and then automatically quit, you can start it with the following command line parameter: -timeout=NN
where NN - is a number of seconds to run and then quit.
For example, to run for 10 seconds only, you can use this command: WebCam.exe -timeout=10

At startup (if some of configured device/sources are not available) the message is displayed:

Title: "Webcam Looker: Can't use device",
Message: "Next devices are not connected or used by another program:"...

To customize the message:
1. Create a file DeviceLostMessage.txt at folder: C:\Program Files\WebCam Looker\Settings\
2. At first line write the window title, like: "Attention!"
3. At second line write the message, like: "The camera is not connected. Please Reboot!"
4. The suggested editor is notepad (in 8-bit chars).

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