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If you are a new user, please, read this very short guide. It will help you to understand how this software works. And, may be give you more ideas on how to use this software. We, in turn, would like to know such a fresh look. :-)

WebCam Looker is surveillance and web publishing system with unlimited number of sources.

The principle of operation is very simple:
Source -> Continuous or Motion Detection mode -> Destinations.

For surveillance, the "Motion Detection" mode is most popular option. For publishing snapshots to Internet the "Continuous archiving" mode is the option (of course, depending on what you like to publish...).

In details:
  • to configure, please open "Sources" tab of the "Settings" dialog;
  • select a mode: "Continuous" mode, or "Motion Detection";
  • Motion Detection requires to configure:
    - zone(s) where to detect movements;
    - sensitivity level.
  • add destination you like - it is reaction of the program to any event from "motion detector" (when movements occur), or saving/sending an image with needed frequency (for continuous archiving).

  • Note: make sure that selected level detects the necessary movements and does not produce false detections. To detect only big movements make the level higher. You can configure "5" for the first try.

    "Destinations" could be the following:
    FTP upload, HTTP upload, built-in web server;
    send SMS, e-mail;
    video, photo;
    application execution;
    playing of a sound file.

    Note: if you have a real dedicated IP address, you can publish images on local computer, or access sources remotely from Internet: just enable "built-in Web server" via "Web-server" tab of the "Settings" dialog.

    You can configure adding images or text to the destination images by clicking "Markers Settings" button on the destination dialogs. You can resize that dialog if need an exact positioning...

    Make sure that you have enabled "Autorun program" option at "General" tab of Settings dialog. Otherwise program will not start after your computer reboot.

    And now, just a few samples, of many different program uses.

    1. Upload snapshots to the Internet - FTP upload.
    From main Window:
  • Click "Settings" button to open Settings dialog.
  • Go to "General" tab of dialog and enable "Autorun program".
  • Go to "Sources" tab.
  • Configure or add Sources you need to publish images from.
  • Select "Continuous" mode and click "Destinations Settings" button.
  • Click "Add" button.
  • Select "FTP upload" type from dropdown menu; enter URL of FTP server address, interval of image uploads and login/password of the FTP.
  • (If need to add marking to the images) Click "Markers Settings" button. For each marking click "Add mark", select type and text/file/etc. (By default it is Date/Time appending at the right-bottom).
  • Click "OK" to save and return from dialogs.

  • 2. Remote access to local webcam devices (screenshot, or other sources).
  • Click "Settings" button to open Settings dialog.
  • Go to "General" tab of dialog and enable "Autorun program".
  • Go to "Web-server" tab and enable "built-in web server". Make sure you have dedicated real IP address at this computer. Select and enter any login and password to access sources. Remember the URL of the page to access.
  • Go to "Sources" tab.
  • Configure or add Sources you need to access from Internet.
  • Click "OK" to save and return from dialogs.

  • Now you can access your "URL of the page" remembered above from Internet (html) via Internet Browser or from your cellphone (wap).

    3. Computer activity monitoring.
  • This is configurable like the sample "Remote access..." above. But, you can configure there Source as screenshot, or/and, if you have webcam device connected that can supervise for the user working on your computer, you can add both screenshot and webcam as sources and configure them.
  • In addition, please go to "General" tab of "Settings" dialog and: enable "Silent mode" (thus user will not know webcam is working on the computer) and click "Change password" to make sure that software settings are protected from unauthorized access.

  • At the main window of the program you can call a popup menu (by right-mouse click) to access additional functions.

    More detailed description you can find at other "Help" topics.

    Still have questions? Or, unsure how to solve your tasks? - Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

    The developers team is thankful in advance to all the users, sending any comments about the program, including all problem or awkward places, wishes about needed improvements and new functionality or, simply, usage examples. We are ready for cooperation with each user.

    We are glad if you like our Webcam Looker. As you know, any good things cost some money. So, if you like Webcam Looker so much - you can buy it at any time you want. Just visit our web site , or go to main window popup menu and click "Buy now" button. Once you have buy Webcam Looker, you will be able to update to new versions absolutely free. From ours part we will try to make Webcam Looker better for you according to your wishes and remarks in next versions. And even a little more better :) Especially for these purposes we created a Webcam Looker's support team. Use it if you have any questions, advices or remarks about Webcam Looker. We are glad to help.

    Developers team,
    Felenasoft company.

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