General settings

In «General» dialog you can:

  • to choose the language of the program interface;
  • to choose design;
  • to protect access to the program.

  • Autorun program - allows program to automatically startup on Windows reboot. In this mode program will continue working even after reboot or before user is logged into Windows.

    Silent mode - hides program (when its main window is closed), so, that user working on computer will not known program is working.
    This mode is useful in connection with sources: screenshot and/or webcam - to allow invisible supervision for the user working on the computer.
    It is also recommended, in this mode, to set the password protection to the program to prohibit access to its settings.

    Access protection.

    For protection of the program against the non-authorized access establish the password.

    For installation of the password enter «Settings» dialog, choose «General» and press the «Change password» button.

    In a «Access settings» enter the old password, the new password and once again the new password for confirmation.

    Notice: please use password difficult to be guess by others. It is recommended to use both chars and digits, its nonsence sequence and make password not short. The best passwords are longer than 8 symbols of noncense.

    Warning: in case you will forget password specified for the program, you would not be able to access its settings any more. In this case it is better to uninstall the program (with removal of settings! - will be asked by uinstaller), and none removing your archive (also asked by uninstalled) if need. And install program again.
    An alternative way for advanced users: remove file settings.dat under settings subdirectory of the program directory where it is installed on disk.
    After that the program need to be configured again.

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