Program features

Unlimited number of sources.

As sources can be used:
  • TV tuners, video capture devices, video cameras and other devices connected through it;
  • USB video capture devices;
  • Network IP cameras;
  • Internet cameras;
  • Files (on local or network disks);
  • Screenshot (captured image from the screen of the computer).

  • The Motion detector with adjustable sensitivity.

    Detection of movements can supervise multiple zones.

    At real time supervision mode, the moving objects are highlighting.

    Recording to the photo and/or video archive is starting at the moment of when motion is detected.

    Adjustable level of frame frequency.

    You can configure the recording to the archive with the maximal frequency up to 30 frames per second.

    The minimum level of frequency is not limited.

    Image marking of a photo.

    The program allows you mark the processing images by adding to any specified place:
    date, time, text, pictures. They can be edited or removed if necessary.

    Photo and video archives viewing.

    You can choose date and time interval for see all or a part of archive records.

    Speed of viewing is adjusted.

    Unlimited forward and back viewing with pauses at the necessary places is possible.

    You can view photo archive in "frame by frame" or "slide - show" mode.

    Autostart mode.

    The program can be started with Windows system loading.

    None-authorized access protection.

    Your own password will protect the program from other users access.

    The program can work in silent mode if necessary.

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