Archive settings

In «Archive» settings dialog you can set parameters:
  • records storage;
  • archive clearing.

  • Storage of records.

    You can select a time to keep recorded files in archive.
    Dynamic size of archive can also be configured by adjustment of free space limit on your disk.

    These settings allow program either to stop writing into archive after a specified free disk space limit is reached, or continue the archiving with simultaneous removing of the oldest records in archive, if they made earlier than specified in the: «Keep files for the last».

    You can limit archive storage size by using "And no more anyway" check box. It means if you, for example, specify to keep files for the last 1 hour - then there are no older than 1 hour pictures and videos will be stored on your hard disk.

    Archive cleaning.

    You can clear archive in a manual mode or in automatic mode, by setting a minimum free space on your disk.

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