Program activation

For activating of the program press the «About» button at the main window of the program. In the appeared window press «Activation» button.

In a «WebCam Looker - Activation» dialog window you can read the detailed instruction for the program activation.

If you like this program and want to buy it, press the «Buy WebCam Looker» button.

Web site of this program:

The program supports two ways of activation:
  • online activation (real-time activation via Internet);
  • activation via E-mail (delayed activation).

  • For the activation of the program a license must be paid first.
    You will receive the serial number for your copy of the program by E-mail after payment.

    The program must be activated on the computer, on which it will be used.
    One license gives you a right to use this program only one computer.
    In case the program will be used on multiple computers, then license must be paid for all of them.

    Online activation of the program.

    For online activation of the program:
  • choose «Online Activation» mode in the «WebCam Looker - Activation» dialog;
  • enter the serial number (received after payment);
  • press the «Activate» button.

  • Activation of the program via E-mail.

    For activating the program the serial number must be sent via E-mail to program's server, which will respond with the activation code.

    If you already have activation code, insert it into a code input line of activation in a dialog window «WebCam Looker - Activation» and press «Activate» button.

    Step 1: To activate the program by E-mail:
  • select «Activation via E-mail» in «WebCam Looker - Activation» dialog;
  • enter the program serial number (received after payment);
  • click «Send by E-mail» button - this will start E-mail client program where you will need to send a created message.
  • Note: If your computer has no Internet connectivity, you can save the displayed E-mail (message body and recipient's «To» address) and send from another computer.

    If you have the activation code already, then enter it into a code input of «WebCam Looker - Activation» dialog and press «Activate» button.

    Step 2: After receiving an answer from the server with activation code:
  • select «Activation via E-mail» in «WebCam Looker - Activation» dialog;
  • check the mode «Enter activation code received by E-mail», in the dialog;
  • enter that activation code (from E-mail);
  • click «Activate» button.

  • After activation the program will automatically restart.
    If activation successed, than at «About» dialog (can be called from main menu of the program) you will see your registration name under the «This program is licensed to:» string.

    Windows Vista or the reason it could not activate.

    In case you activate, but WebCam Looker is not activated after restart, then it could be caused by your security environment in Windows or antivirus.

    You need to temporarily Disable all antiviruses before doing the activation.

    If you run Vista to start WebCam Looker properly you need also to follow these steps to activate:
  • Right click at WebCam Looker from Windows Explorer from the opened context menu select: Run as Administrator.
  • Do an activation of WebCam Looker (from About -> Activate dialog).

  • Important: you may think you have disabled antivirus, but it could still run and thus prohibit an Activating of the program.

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