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New in Xeoma

Postby Pac0 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:26 pm

Hi to all the forum members...
I'm a new Xeoma user from Spain, sorry if my language is not as good as I would like...

I was testing Xeoma for Raspberry PI since a week ago in order to buy a 4 cameras license server, and I found very interesting this software, but several issues appeared in the testing process.
The goal for my installation is to control two IP cameras: one for surveillance via motion control, and the second to save one static image every five minutes and upload it to my meteo web.

At the moment the second way is easy to configure and it has no problem. But I was involved in different issues with the first camera and the motion detect module that did not work as espected and a new problem that appears today when it begun to send little images whit garbage only or no images at all. This problem was reported to Felenasoft by e-mail and the technical service is looking for a solution. At present moment I think this soft has a good and quick client assistant service. Nothing to object on that side.

Once the problem will be solved I will be happy to share an easy way to send alerts to Telegram via bot and a small Python program. I know that FelenaSoft has another way to do that, but I thought it was complex and could be a very simple program could do it without complications for the user.

Well nothin more for now and I will post my experience in this theme in the comming days.

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