Better licensing handling (for multi license users)

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Better licensing handling (for multi license users)

Postby skylord123 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:37 am

So I own various licenses from you guys. Each renewal I seem to get another key I need to use for activation.

I just went through moving my server to a new system and it made me re-activate my licenses. I did it one by one but came across the error that the licenses needed to be reset. So I did that and then got an error saying that the license I was inputting was too old to activate. I found out that you can enter multiple licenses separated by a ;. I did this and it kept saying that the available cameras was only 2 (since I only activated my license for 2 cameras first then tried to activate all the rest together).

I ended up finding out that all of my license keys had to be reset. The software never told me this and just kept going on like nothing was wrong even though the licenses I was entering needed to be reset.

So basically the license activation needs to be fixed so if you are activating multiple licenses and any of them need to be reset it should tell you which license(s) need to be reset. I wasted so much time on this before I figured it out.

Skylar Sadlier
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Re: Better licensing handling (for multi license users)

Postby Admin_P » Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:11 pm

Hello! Thank you for bringing this up! Actually, we did add a message with info on activation on each separate license when multiples were being activated (so when something did get activated, while something didn't - you would know exactly what). But it seems to have gotten lost somewhere in development :oops:
We'll get it back, though.
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