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Toshiba IK-WB16A

Postby PK88 » Fri Nov 23, 2018 2:33 pm

I have a couple of Toshiba IK-WB16A security cameras that I would like to be able to use with Linux and perhaps with Raspbian on a Pi. As a result I downloaded the Xeoma software hoping that there might be a chance of using it with the IK-WB16A. It was very easy to have it show the video on a Linux box but I could not find a way to use PTZ or do any configuration of the camera. The URL, "" lists Toshiba with no model numbers so one would assume it would work with all model numbers but I have a feeling that is not the case. Is the IK-WB16A supported?

I suspect that since in Windows you need to use IE with an ActiveX plugin, there is absolutely no chance that it will ever work with any Linux software, but before I toss in the towel and look for new (non Toshiba) IP cameras I thought I would exhaust all possibilities first.

If this has been discussed before, my apologies, but the forum search function seems to be not working.
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Re: Toshiba IK-WB16A

Postby Admin_P » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:42 am

Hello! Toshiba's PTZ protocol was integrated separately in Xeoma (called TOSHIBAPTZ) and shouldn't give you any trouble. You may want to study the camera's admin page for the ports it uses. Then delete the camera (red cross on the bottom panel) and make a '+' -> Search by IP/password, indicating all the ports.
If all else fails, you can give us access to that camera using a static external IP (or its alternative) via e-mail - this way our specialists would be able to check the PTZ for the camera in question.
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