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FelenaSoft Company

About FelenaSoft company

FelenaSoft is a software development and outsourcing company founded in 2004. The company provides software products and solutions in multimedia areas (3D graphics, video, web services and games) to the clients worldwide being competitive to the global leaders in these areas.

Some products developed by FelenaSoft Company:

  • WebCam Looker - video surveillance software with flexible motion detector;
  • Xeoma - cross-platform video surveillance software with unique interface;
  • Library of 3D effects for video;
  • 3D text animation software for video;
  • Framework for multimedia applications developing;
  • Audio/video karaoke system;
  • Video processing using GPU;
  • Medical diagnostic 3D/4D imaging software for radiologists;
  • Hospital patients monitoring data documentation and analysis system;
  • Video recording system of hockey plays with motion tracking, realtime view and playback;
  • Internet video player with library for subscribers;
  • Universal video downloader;
  • Games and training environments based on biofeedback technology;
  • Calculating heart rate by using iPhone;
  • Racing game for Android;
  • Car racing GPS and multi-camera acquisition and visualization;
  • and others.

A long-term experience in practicing the best agile methodologies of software development and a deep specialization in 3D, graphical and Internet applications permit FelenaSoft company to offer each client the maximum quality and effective solution for any project.

The portfolio of some projects can be seen here: work samples.

For a low price tag you can hire a professional team of developers with many years' experience!