Доступен новый способ оплаты: оплата банковской картой

Покупать Xeoma стало еще удобнее!
Мгновенная оплата банковской картой – для частных лиц и организаций – доступна для банковских карт МИР, Visa и MasterCard (в т.ч. Business) с технологией 3D-Secure.
Подходит для всех стран (за исключением только Австралии).

Безопасный, быстрый и выгодный способ купить Xeoma: данные карты нигде не хранятся, информация не передается третьим лицам, проведение платежей по банковским картам осуществляется в строгом соответствии с требованиями платежных систем МИР, Visa Int. и MasterCard Europe Sprl.

Лицензии высылаются на указанный email мгновенно, максимальное время ожидания 1 час.
А также при оплате картой владельцам карт класса Business не нужно оплачивать VAT, даже для стран, где он применяется (в отличие от платежей через MyCommerce).

Попробуйте новый платежный способ уже сейчас: выберите Оплату банковской картой на странице Покупки.

New payment method: paying with a banking card

Buying Xeoma has become even more convenient!
Easy payment by a credit/bank card with immediate delivery is now available for all countries for MasterCard/VISA/MIR bank personal and business cards with the 3D Secure technology (except Australia).
It’s a guaranteed safe, fast and economic way to buy Xeoma: the card information is not stored or saved, or given to third parties.

The purchased Xeoma licenses and subscriptions are sent to your email in seconds after the payment is processed.
Owners of Business cards in VAT-liable countries don’t have to pay VAT with this payment method (unlike the MyCommerce payment method)!

Please give it a try now – select the Banking card payment method on the Buy page now!

New Xeoma Beta 16.10.24 is released

Download now

The release version is expected in approximately 14 days. If you notice any issues in the Beta, please let us know – we appreciate your feedback!

Our developers have made a lot of work to bring you improved performance and many amazing features: new modules such as Smoke Detector, Detector of Abandoned Items, heat map, TLS secure connection and many other. At your service are also upgrade from Standard to Pro, useful articles, and a new partner program! More about the improvements:

PRO improvements:

  • -Added Detector of abandoned objects. It can be used to look for unwanted vehicles, or objects in an area such as for example restricted territory or railway station;
  • -Added Smoke Detector. It will help you automatically detect if there’s a fire or smoke in the camera’s field of view;
  • -Added heat map. Now you can quickly review where the most of motion occurs (for example, in a shop). See this feature in Archive menu –> Heat map;
  • -Xeoma Pro Your Cloud mode can now be launched from Xeoma UI. Create your own Video Surveillance as a Service system;
  • -Multilayer eMap: now you can have several maps to put your cameras on, and switch between them in a single click;
  • -ANPR: you can now use your own third-party utility for license plate recognition, and choose where to store the suggested OpenAlpr utility. See more about setup;
  • -HTTP Marking can now be seen in live-view windows, as well as searched for in the archive with the ID.

Important additions:

-You asked – we made it happen. New type of licenses will help you upgrade your Xeoma Standard licenses to Xeoma Pro licenses. Check them out at http://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/buy/ ;
-Added TLS secure connection between client and server. See instructions in Xeoma folder > Security > Certificate > Readme.txt;
-Added Xeoma version for ARMv8 (64 bit);
-Added setup of cameras’ URLs via Web Server browser page;
-Archive: Added visualization of sound events on the archive timescale. Now you can quickly review all the events detected by Sound Detector;
-Time zones! Aw yiss, we finally made it! We added the automatic switch to the daylight saving time and back;
-Added Picture-in-picture to embed a dynamically updating picture from one camera into another’s view box;
-We have added a new option in the Purchase page – now you can buy Xeoma Pro licenses with 3 years of updates already in package;
-New partner program: get 7% off purchases made by your customers back in cash! You can notify us about purchases yourself or use the affiliate link to track purchases automatically. See more here: http://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/specialoffer/referrals/ .


Improved performance of camera stream decoding under high CPU load;
Archive: accelerated loading of archive database.

New Cameras:

Added support for PTZ of the Beward BD75-1 cam;
Added support for 4-lens cameras Arecont Vision AV8185DN and AV20185DN.

Helpful articles:

HTTP Marking And Integration With POS
Face Detector and Face Recognition
Face Blur in Xeoma video surveillance

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New partner program:

Are you a reseller? Do you engineer and install video surveillance systems? Please come forward! We need trusted partners in all regions of the world. We’d love to meet you and recommend your services to our customers that need a ready-to-work solution. Also, new partner program will help you to automatically get 7% cashback in real cash! Check out how easy it is: http://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/specialoffer/referrals/

Help us improve Xeoma:

Help us make your life and business safer! Tell us what topics we should cover in our blog or what features we should add!
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